Updated Beginner-Friendly version of MineOS-Node (distro) [Community] (17)

The current web ui at this time (written in NodeJS), is now being redistributed in it’s updated form (by me), in a more beginner/user-friendly environment! You no longer need to perform a series of several extra steps …

Basic skills and interests you'll need to be a MineOS admin [Community] (3)

This is a list of what I feel is the minimum you need to be a successful Minecraft admin. I have included some links at the bottom to where you can find some tutorials for linux. you need to have at least a fundamenta…

Having problems with your MineOS installation? Read this first! [Community] (4)

If you are having problems with your MineOS installation, there are a few steps you must do before asking: 1. Search the forum! I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Most likely you are not the only one that…

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