"MC Server Not Availible on port 25565"

{“level”:“info”,“message”:“[stoneblock] received request "start"”,“timestamp”:“2022-07-11T22:03:55.014Z”}
{“level”:“error”,“message”:“Ping, MC Server not available on port 25565”,“timestamp”:“2022-07-11T22:03:57.049Z”}

this is the error i keep getting every time i try to start the server any fix?

@hexparrot i just wanna play mc lmaoo

it is now saying {“level”:“info”,“message”:“[stoneblock] autostart = false”,“timestamp”:“2022-07-11T22:45:40.523Z”}
{“level”:“error”,“message”:“[stoneblock] Aborted server startup; condition not met: true”,“timestamp”:“2022-07-11T22:45:40.525Z”}

just tried to use a vanilla server and it worked! but as soon as i switched back to modded it just starts and then goes down

Is this related to your other post here: Cannot start server! it starts and then shuts down - #2 by Zyfl0w ?

This sounds like a java mismatch error. Make sure you have the correct java version installed for the server you wish to run.

This is an informational message, not an error. It simply say that in your server config you havent asked the server to start automatically, so it didn’t.

Hi do you know the solution to the issue this person titled the thread? im getting the same error and I know everything is ported correctly.

Im super new to Linux so jsut let me know what info you need and how to find it.

Have you managed to figure anything out? I’m having the same issue

Try removing mods if you have them and add them one by one (or do chunks if you have lots).
Check your server.properties to ensure to ensure you’ve picked a free port - one minecraft instance per port.

Any solution? My java version is correct for Forge 1.20.1 adn I can run vanilla but not forge. Please help!