Topics pertaining to the web user interface on any distribution or operating system, browser compatibility, or feature requests/bug fixes.


Topics including connectivity issues, firewalls, NAT, SSH/SFTP, or game connectivity.

MineOS Turnkey

Topics regarding the installation, maintenance, or other features specific to MineOS Turnkey or TurnkeyLinux.


Use this category for posts regarding installing and configuration of Minecraft-related software that doesn't have a more specific type already specified.


Topics involving using MineOS scripts on any distros not MineOS Turnkey. Use your best judgment whether the issue is likely related to the underlying OS or whether there are more concise tags.

Installing Software

Use this category for posts regarding installing software of any type not already given its own unique category, such as VOIP, firewalls, or package managers.


Use this tag to specify any posts about anything regarding Minecraft the game, mechanics, rumors, or its developers Mojang,

Command Line

Topics involving scripting or the command-line interface. Includes Bash, Python, Javascript and beyond.


MineOS exhibits an unexpected, unintended, or undesirable behavior; or information is wrong in documentation, identification, translation, etc.


Topics that involve the installation, upgrading, or using Java. 'Java' categorized posts may be those that contain Java error tracebacks, flag/argument questions, and memory usage/leaks.


Topics pertaining to the development and progress of MineOS as a brand. Includes discussing MineOS philosophy and goals, porting the scripts to different distros, and using different server technologies.


Catchall category for any other threads about MineOS, the community, or user polling.


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Post involves discussion of exploits, bugs, help requests on how to harden your system, or explanation of security-related mechanisms in place in *nix.