Set new iptable, nothing working

So I’ve followed probably 10 different tutorials on how to open a port some on here some just on the IPTables open the port 19132 for bedrock users and still NOTHING!!

When I open the iptables I can see the port I added 19132 and have saved it to all possible save files iptables-rules, iptables.rulesv4 saved them and they show up on reboot but STILL cannot connect.

I’m able to connect via LAN on bedrock just not the public IP and port, ALL other ports are open and working for, Java :25565, WEBGUI :8443 and SSH :22

BUT NONE OF THESE OPEN PORTS ARE IN IPTABLES? Does this mean they’re saved somewhere else? I’m so lost have read every thing on iptables and ports on this forum and the web…. And nothing is workin?

Is there a way to access whatever firewall or however those ports are open, because iPTables isn’t doing SQUAT!

If you can access it inside the LAN then IPTables is configured correctly. It is either the router you’re using that needs port forwarding set up or it’s a limitation from your ISP.

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