Having problems with your MineOS installation? Read this first!

If you are having problems with your MineOS installation, there are a few steps you must do before asking:

1. Search the forum!
I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Most likely you are not the only one that have run into this problem, and a fix, work around or tutorial are most likely in the forum somewhere. You can search the forums by pressing the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the forum page.

2. Check your logs!
You need to check both mineos.log (in /var/log/) and your minecraft server logs (in /var/games/minecraft/servers/[servername]/logs). You will also most likely be asked to provide these for anyone to be able to help you

3. Ask the right forum!
Is this really a MineOS problem?
Yes, we can probably help with this

Linux/Turnkey/Ubuntu/Debian problem?
Ask a forum that provides knowledge about your distro.

Problems with MySQL?
Ask a MySQL forum.

Problems with the minecraft server software (pocketmine, spigot, bukkit, Mojang official, and so on)?
Ask on the appropiate forums.

5. Google it!
Quite a lot of information is answered on the big internet. This is the place for MineOS related issues, google can help with everything else.

6. Provide all the information you can!
A simple “My Minecraftserver don’t work” do not provide enough information to give any help at all. To help we need a good description of the fault (What did you do, what where the results, what do the logs say, and paste in the entire logs!)

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These questions are welcome here, but with the express understanding that I, the creator and maintainer of MineOS, do not necessary use any given third-party piece of software and may not be able to provide the complete (or partial) solution. I frequent these forums many, many times daily, and maybe I just might not know the answer to given [piece of software] problem.

At which point the expectations should be either a) you can continue to wait and hope another member of the MineOS community can help or better, b) you can approach the specific community, e.g., spigot, sponge, and ask there for more directed support.

Keep in mind, no matter what community you go to, a MySQL problem is likely still a MySQL problem, not a MySQL-on-MineOS problem. A Java traceback error from Sponge is a Sponge issue, not a Sponge-on-MineOS issue.

This isn’t to say that you should be averse to mention MineOS, but understand that MineOS is simply a bunch of javascript files pre-packaged on a Debian distribution (Turnkey Linux); the more you focus on the distro and not the software, the more people you can alienate from answering a question (because in all likelihood, they’ve never worked with the distro and will immediately assume it is somehow greatly customized).

This is why the questions are welcome here, because–provided with the appropriate logs and error messages on these forums, it can be made quite clear whether the issue is the third-party software, my design/programming error, or user error. I want to help, but I also want you to be fair to my efforts and have appropriate timeframe expectations.


So far everything has worked well for me! My 12-yo daughter is very impressed that I have 2 MC servers running. (The other is a Raspberry Pi 4 in a 3D printed case that looks like an ore block. A great project on instructables.com!)

My only hiccup was I was sick one day and my daughter asked me to update the server to 1.14.4. I was out of it and ran a custom update script in the Minecraft folder on MineOS (that should have been run on the Pi server). Hilarity ensued and I had to perform a Vulcan Nerve Pinch.

Thanks for all your effort on this, it’s awesome! Very approachable for Linux n00bs.