Basic skills and interests you'll need to be a MineOS admin


This is a list of what I feel is the minimum you need to be a successful Minecraft admin. I have included some links at the bottom to where you can find some tutorials for linux.

  1. you need to have at least a fundamental knowledge of *nix
    (unix, linux, ubuntu, or you other chosen distro), OR be able to google basic
    *nix shell commands. You need to get your hands dirty, you need to go into a
    shell and type things. Only relying on the MineOS web view will quickly ruin
    both you and your Minecraft users fun

  2. you need to like tinkering. No matter how you run your Minecraft
    server, it never runs smoothly, and never on your first try. Even the official
    vanilla servers have their own peculiarities (I lost over three months of
    minecrafting for one of my servers (and got a bunch of very angry players) when
    Mojang accidentally disabled auto saving for a while, and the server
    crashed…). Want Bukkit? things must be compiled and assembled (Hexparrot has
    done this more or less done in web-view now, but even here you need to tinker
    to find a working version), added bukkit plugins? More tinkering. pocketmine?
    Bring out your *nix gold smith toolset. You’ll need 'em. Want to try something
    not in the MineOS profil list yet? MineOs supports it, but you have to tinker
    it in. Grab your tool set and start tinkering.

  3. You do not need to like Minecraft (but it helps), but you
    need to play it. You need to be in there with you users, see the bugs they are
    plagued with. They probably won’t be able to tell you what happened, you need
    to see it for yourself.

  4. Learn where the logs are hidden, and how to read them.
    They are your best friends.

Some links to useful tutorials and information:
MineOS wiki:

Linux for beginners:

Some tools you’ll need:
to access the shell terminal on your MineOS installation

Used to transfer files into and out of your MineOS installation

WebUI won't start a 1.13 server
How do you setup Votifier/NuVotifier
Don't know how to instal mods on mineOS


Pretty much it all in a nutshell. I’ve installed and broke surely 100 different installs of Linux or the webui, none of which did I ever lose any real data, but gained invaluable insight on the system and how fragile and how robust Linux is.