Cant get forge 1.19.2 to work

i cant get minecraft forge 1.19.2 to work i know i have to copy a string out of the datei and it still dont work
Vanilla 1.19.3 works just fine

there are the logs files the could be important

ok i solved the problem

Can you post what you did for dummies like me that can’t get it to work?

Would also be interested in the solution

Not op here but there are at least two ways.

The way I did it:

  • Create a Forge Server and start it once.
  • Use an FTP client and connect to your server. Go to /var/games/minecraft/servers/.
  • There is a forge-x.xx.x-xx.x.x-installer.jar (like forge-1.19.3-44.1.0-installer.jar). You can (but don’t have to) delete that.
  • Then go into libraries/net/minecraftforge/forge/ (like 1.19.3-44.1.0)/. There is a forge-x.xx.x-xx.x.x-universal.jar (like forge-1.19.3-44.1.0-universal.jar).
  • Copy this universal file and paste it into the folder where the installer.jar file is/was.
  • In this Folder is also a file. Edit this and copy the last line (the part with “@user_jvm_args.txt @libraries/net/minecraftforge/forge/1.19.3-44.1.0/unix_args.txt”) not the java at the front and not the “$@” at the back. Paste this into the MineOS Server Status page where it says ‘Additional Java arguments’.
  • You have to change the runnable jar to the “universal” jar.
  • Now you should start your server and it will work.

If you have any problem let me know.

The way someone on GitHub posted - I didn’t tested this:

What I did was grabbing the command from the generated and putting the arguments into the java arguments field.
Example for 1.19.2: @user_jvm_args.txt @libraries/net/minecraftforge/forge/1.19.2-43.2.4/unix_args.txt "$@"
But mineos seems to recognise that it is still set to the installer jar file and adds a --installServer argument, so I used the vanilla 1.19.2 profile and set it to the minecraft_server.1.19.2.jar file.

But in my eyes this is a workaround. Would be great if there comes a update that also let’s you choose .sh files to run and then the Java and Jar arguments fields get hidden.