Don't know how to instal mods on mineOS

i’am making a server on a lattepanda and was able to make a vanilla server and play with my sister on it, but now i wanted to add some mods (I made my own modpack) but I don’t know how to install it on the server.
Could someone help me out?

ps: the mods are just some regular forge 1.12.2 mods

A normal vanlla server is not modable. You need to downoad a forge server to use mods.

Or more correct: You need to download aa server modder that takes a vanilla server and rewrites parts of its code to accept mods.

To be able to use a modded server, you also need a modded client that has the same mods available. This is whymos go for a standard modpack, since they know the mods on servers and clients match and work togheter.

yes, sorry i did explain myself poorly.
I already installed forge 1.12.2 with the mineOS web ui. and have already installed forge 1.12.2 with all the mods on the minecraft client.

but i don’t know how to axes the files on the server to place the mods over-there. and i would like to know how to do that.

and in the meanwhile do you know if other people (from a other router) are able to join the server or do you have the same problem as with a java windows server? and if you do have those problems, how do you solve them?

ps: if you didn’t understood my question because of my bad English just ask me to explain better (don’t forget to mention me then) :wink:

There should be a directory in your servers direcotry (/var/games/mineraft/servers/[servername]/mods or something) that you put all the files into.

To make your server available on the Internet activate online mode and whitelist in the server properties, and set up port forwarding to your servers port number on your internet router. This has been asked several times, and explained several times. As for spesifics: there are about at least a thousand different internet and wifi routers out there, so we do not know how to configure them all. Google “[your router make] port forwarding howto”

Thanks, but how can I aced those files do I do it with putty or can I access them with the mineOS ui ? I don’t know anything about files in mineOS

At the bottom of this pinned post we state that you need to use a tool like filezilla to transfer files to your mineos installation.

MineOS is a webUI on top of a Turnkey Linux Operating System. If you want to run this type of server you need to learn linux. What you ask is pretty basic, and things we kinda expect you to know. Read the linked post, and read up. And search the forum please.

Hey, you have everything you need in your hands. If your server ist running forge you have already come a long way. You said you use putty to access your server. To transfer files you need FTP access with Filezilla or a similar program. This lets you transfer files from your local computer to your server. If you are on windows you can also use WinSCP ( I use this to transfer the files to my mineos server.

Be aware, that there are client-only mods that dont run on your server. (like Optifine, DynamicSourrundings, etc)

The way to go is to stop your server and use WinSCP to upload your mod files to the servers mod folder. ( /var/games/minecraft/servers/yourservername/mods.

Then fire up your server and see, if it starts. Check the logs and crash-reports folder for problems. I find it hard to use the mineos server log in the management page, bacause it will stop after a few messages and a modded server will generate a lot of entrys …

If it comes alive you may want to adjust the config files, because the server config files override the clients config.

Hope you get it running, it started like you and have my server running for 2 years now.

Thx a lot for your help. I will try it put this eavening ant let you know if it worked.