NodeJS 10? Alpine?

I was going to use Docker to launch my new MineOS instance, but I run lots of containers in the same docker host. I decided I didn’t want the possibility of Minecraft going nuts to impact RAM available to other containers. Since TurnKey is really not supported any longer, I spun up a dedicated Alpine Linux VM to run MineOS in. So I’m looking at the instructions for installing on Alpine and the second command (a) explicitly references Alpine 3.10 (current is 3.19) and (b) explicitly references NodeJS 10 (current is somewhere around 18 or 20).

apk add --no-cache --repository nodejs=10.19.0-r0 nodejs-npm=10.19.0-r0

I’m going to ignore that and just run apk add nodejs and apk add npm. Is it going to work?

I’m gonna answer my own question. The docker stuff works. So at the point that I have my own Alpine VM ready to run Minecraft and MineOS, I might as well install Docker on that VM and run MineOS that way. But the Alpine instructions do seem pretty out of date. I got a lot of errors. While I’m really good at system administration, networking, and OS stuff, NodeJS and JavaScript are really not my forté. So I need to find a path of lower resistance for getting MineOS up and running. Docker on Alpine seems like a good compromise.