How to install modpacks from curse?

I’m trying to install a modpack: on my MineOS server.

Not sure how to go about it.
Thank you.

I used wget “download location” at /var/games/minecraft/servers/

Had no idea how to set up a custom profile so I just Created a new server and named it exactly the same as the server file I downloaded.
It’s not ideal but it works.

Next is starting the starting the server…
The button does nothing.
I have to manually start the server with ./start.bat

How do I rewire the button so that upon clicking it executes the exact same commands in ./start.bat?

Edit: If I start it normally (through the WebUI’s button, it’ll just stop at startup

There’s no need to create a “custom” profile–you don’t need a profile at all. Once a jar file is put in the server directory, that file is made available in the jar dropdown.

The only way to download to this directory (under normal circumstances), is by being root, which means you are doing things as root, which means that if you have run that server even once (through java directly or with start.bat–do you mean, then the process is being incorrectly spawned as root, and the webui will no longer work for this server.

If you perform file-system actions as root, root, will become the file owner, something mc (or other non-privileged user) cannot modify; this would explain why the button does nothing.


  1. log in as a non-root user, such as mc or whatever user you’re using in the webui (that isn’t root!)
  2. create a server
  3. log in as the same user in a terminal session.
  4. navigate to /var/games/minecraft/servers/servername
  5. wget the file you need (server
  6. unzip this file (you might need to move files around after that, because all the files are contained in an additional directory called Lite
  7. in the webui, change the jar selection dropbox to your new jar
  8. all the while, ignore ‘profile’ because you don’t need to set it, if you’re using your own manually-placed jar
  9. accept the eula and hit start

If you did stuff as root, you might have to either a) start over with these steps or b) chown the server to your non-root user. I’d recommend the first.

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Thanks so much!
It works flawlessly now :slight_smile:

I wanted to start the server straight away so I chose option a,
but let’s say I chose option b.

Do I
chown mc:mc Lite/
chown mc:mc Lite/*

chown -R mc:mc Lite/

(or for better clarity for future users)

chown -R mc:mc /var/games/minecraft/servers/Lite
chown -R mc:mc /var/games/minecraft/backup/Lite
chown -R mc:mc /var/games/minecraft/archives/Lite
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