Can't connect to my modded Minecraft server

I have decided to run a Project Ozone 3.1.44 server for a friend and myself.

I was following this guide: How to install modpacks from curse?

When I start it, the log clogs up, and when I see that no more messages are coming in, I try connecting. After 30s, I get this message: “ connection timed out:” .

Selecting the option to broadcast to LAN, the game finds it, but connecting to it wields the same results.

The launcher I’m using is MultiMC.
The server is running on a separate computer with MineOS Turnkey.

Without the logs there is not much we can say to help you, as it can be anything from wrong port setup, to a crashed java.

Please attatch logs via a service like pastebin so that we can take a look at what is happening.

What log should I send? In /var/log there’s a lot of them: daemon.log, mineos.log, user.log, kern.log and etc.

Whichever log is producing this, which is probably latest.log or a similar log located in the /var/games/minecraft/servers/xxxx location.


Sorry for inconvience, the log didn’t fit inside 1 pastebin.

Have you scanned those logs for the word “error”?

The logs are littered with them, and I imagine that so many errors could ultimately snowball and cause an issue like what you’re experiencing.

At this point what should I try to get the server up and running?

Have you looked up the error you’re getting?

You’re experiencing an issue that is unique to modded servers; unfortunately, I personally don’t have any insight on how to troubleshoot modded servers other than googling each error and applying recommended fixes until…things work.

I literally have no idea where to start. But it shows up to LAN, when I enable broadcasting to LAN. Can it be a good sign?

[13:41:42] [Server thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer]: Starting Minecraft server on

More than likely the firewall is blocking access to this port by default (as by default very few ports are open for security reasons); take a look at Iptables to open up and allow incoming connections on port 25566 (your current port of choice according to the logs).