How do i get the forge jar file

I am trying to set up a 1.18.1 forge modded server. I used both
How to install modpacks from curse? and How to create a Custom Modpack Server using CurseForge (Overwolf) - YouTube as guides to help.

After doing everything from getting the modpack and putting it in the server folder and unzipping it (I actually unzipped it on my desktop and then put them into the folder using my FTP instead of an SSH i figured its easier and I don’t think it would change anything.

The forum is probably out of date now, as it was posted in 2017 but i did as it said and no forge jar file showed up. I also looked at the Forge wiki page and I don’t understand the instructions to create the forge profile. I don’t think that matters though because on the page it says its tested to work on 1.7.x which means it could not work now as well and the forum post explains that you wouldn’t need a forge profile, only the jar file.

here is the modpack im trying to install if it helps.

Anyway, I’ve looked through a decent number of post and I haven’t found a step by step process for getting a forge server up and running.

Thanks for any help

Edit: Referencing the forum post Minecraft forge 1.18.1 no targetable jar I looked up and downloaded the jar file (Downloads for Minecraft Forge for Minecraft 1.18.1) i now have the installer and the installer.jar files. At this point I just don’t know where to put them and how to use them.

Edit: I went and tried some things on my own without using any forum. Now I have the server.jar, universal.jar, and the installer.jar on my computer. Again though, I don’t know what to do with them

Edit: Using this forum post Minecraft 1.18 + Java 1.17 - #7 by ulaar I’ve updated my java and it can now run a 1.18.1 server, but it I still can’t firgure out how to get a forge server to work.