Divine RPG forge server wont work 1.7.10

damage indicators works
divine RPG doesnt

It seems you have problems with mods on a forge server.

First of:
Statements like “something works, but this doesnt” do not give enough information for us to help you. We need logs to se what was done, and what failed, and what error messages was produced. There are two main, and one forge log that are interessting:

The mineos.log:

The minecraft log:
/var/games/minecraft/severs/[your server name without brackets]/logs/latest.log

The forge log:
/var/games/minecraft/severs/[your server name without brackets]/logs/fml-server-latest.log

Have you tried updating woth the WebUI and the java installation?

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when i start the server the mobs wont load the biomes and more they wont load
i tried many fixes but they dont work
pls help ;-;

As far as I can se your’e still having a problem with forge, not MineOS. With the information you’ve given us, that is the extent of help we can give.

Read my previous answer to you again, and please provide logs if you want us to try to give better advice and help. Please also read again my post on your previous introductory post (Welcome everyone), as this is for now a forge problem, not a MineOS problem, which probably makes a MineOS forum the wrong arena to help you. We’ll do our best, but not without logs.

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apparently forge forums dont support a “ancient” version of forge and banned me for that…

If the forge community can’t or won’t help you, why do you expect a forum that has nothing to do with forge to be able to?

My only advice then is to upgrade to a newer version.

this has to do with forge in fact theres more where that came from…
if your going to play follow-the-leader and not tell me how to fix it just because u want to be a royal user dont bother “helping me” on this “forum”

Yes. We have several posts where we help forge users, as I said: We try to help even though we have nothing to do with forge; wwe do not develop forge, we do not make mods for forge, there is only @hexparrot making MineOS on his spare time, and a few other of us using the system using our free time to help other users on this forum.

There is no “royal user”, no paid solution. No one of us makes any money of this free product.

You actually searched the forum, finding other post. Good on you! But you fail to do what they do in those posts that give them help, and I have asked you repeatedly (and is why I could not give any other advice above):

Give us logs! Without logs we cannot help!

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