Help installing mods w/ Forge (very new to MineOS)

I have a server hosted via Unraid which I have successfully installed forge for 1.8.9 on and would like to use that to get the pixelmon mod working on my server. I have a profile that I setup running forge and I go into the server, and put the pixelmon mod into the mods folder on said server. The server would start before and I could connect just fine, now once I put the mod in I click start, it says success on the bottom right and then never goes online. Thanks for the help and hopefully its just a simple noob fix.

So I’ve figured out that I can start the server if the Pixelmon mod is not in the mods section of the server. I have pixelmon installed client side so I have the UI, but the server doesn’t have the mod installed.

There is a difference between server-side mods, and client-side mods. A few works in both locations, but for most you need to use the mod on the right place, either in your client (if it is clientside) or on your server (if it is serverside).

I do not know nearly enough about mods and modded servers, @tNt is the expert there.

Ok, is there a direct way to contact him or should I just wait till he hopefully sees this thread, or is there other ways I can figure this out about pixelmon? TY

I would try waiting. He is usually quit active on this forum. It is summer though, so he might not be available at all

ok thanks for the response, appreciate it

I had a go and got this working. Here’s what I did.

Mineos UI
Profiles - Select “Forge” from the drop-down and then selected “Download” for 1.8.9-Recommended (build 1722)

Once that was downloaded, I went to “Create New Server” and called it pixelmon.

Went to the server status page, selected 1.8.9-Recommended from the change profile, then clicked Copy profile to live server files

Selected 1722-installer.jar from the Change runnable jar, then started the server
The server stops and now has 1722-universal.jar, so I selected that and started the server.
The server stopped as I had to accept the EULA
Started it again - and it was up
Stopped the server
From a putty session to the mineos server I went into my games folder, then the server pixelmon folder, then the mods folder. I then used wget to grab the file (
Started the server and success.

Can you go to the mods folder and check who owns the file? It should be “mc”, not root - in case you used root to copy it there…


I’m currently busy with other things, gonna try this later tonight and see how it goes, thanks!

is there any way you could get into a skype call or TS server and help walk me through, sorry this is just very confusing to me without video steps

the server won’t start at all with the mod in it, so no logs are created

let me share an example of how strange thing can get.

i installed a mod called streams.jar and when loading the server would always pause and fail to continue to load. note that i said pause instead of stop.

i had thought it was stopping or hanging, always in the same spot during it’s start-up. why? i did not know. i knew the logs would not tell me because it was hanging so i did not check.

finally i did check the logs and what i found was unbelievable. the server paused starting because the mod streams was waiting for a reply!

the logs even showed the valid responses, if i wanted to allow streams to function i had to type in /fml confirm or /fml decline, my jaw dropped and i did not know where to type that in either, lol.

in MineOS i went to the logs screen and at the bottom and found a place to type in the command and it worked! the server continued to finalize its startup routine.

it just goes to show, “wherever you go, there you are.”- by that famous american philosopher buckaroo bonzai

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cant reply or message you for 4 hours, made a second account… is there another way we can communicate?

yah I get that, I appreciate that also, TY. but I bet it wont let me message you again like it did on my other account

sorry what do you mean by that? how about we just fix this lol (if you have the time that is, I don’t mean to sound rude)

HAve you set up port-forwarding for the following items?

  • MineOS WebUI (port 8433)
  • SSH access to MineOS server (port 22)
    If one or both of these are available through the internet, one of us might be able to remote help you finding out what is happening. It means you’d have to give one of us access (username/password) to both MineOS WebUI and SSH (usually the same passwd, but we might need the root passwd as well if you have set that)

Other than that, as earlier stated: We really need the logs to be able to help you, even if the logs are more or less empty!
There are two logs:

The MineOS main log:
(this is where MineOS logs everything it does, so quite a few server and jar-related errors are hidden here).

The game log:
(this is where your minecraft game hides it logs, so anything that happends after MineOS sucessfully starts a jar, ends up here, as long as it is produced by the jar in question).

the server is currently down because my father is installing another hard drive to it, I will provide logs asap

do you have another way to communicate besides these forums, it locked my first account cus its new and I just created this one and it will do that to this aswell

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