Trouble installing Mineos

I downlaoded the “Current 64-bit ISO (Jessie, current, ~400MB)” but it only creates the ftp, minecraft, and web console. There is no webmin or shellbox. Also I cant get a server to be imported and nothing shows up within the profiles.

Webmin is disabled by default in the later versions of MineOS: [SOLVED] MineOS Turnkey Webmin access on Jessie

Shellbox is a webbased SSH / shell access software you have to install you self, and do not come pre installed with MineOS. MineOS comes default with SSH access. You can use PuTTY to access SSH:

The reason for not bundling all sorts of linux addons with the preconfigured MineOS installs is to keep the footprint and memory print as small as possible, so that MineOS can run on a widest possible set of hardware configurations, also small machines with reduced hardware capabilities. This also reduces the number of ports needed to be open on your MineOS installation.

When you try to import a server: What are the steps you are using? How are you trying to import a server? Simply saying " IT do not work" gives us nothing to work on to help you.

Profiles: where are nothing showing in the profiles? On the servers? Or under the profile button? For a profile to sho under a server, you need to first download that profile by selecting it and pressing download under the profile menu / Button.

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Webmin is disabled (but present) from starting up at boot. If desired, it can be enabled with two simple commands.

What are you doing to try to import a server and where are you running into problems (errors, etc.?)

What does your /var/log/mineos.log look like?

Update: Make sure you are on commit 37e4a9d

@hexparrot TY for info on how to enable webmin.

To get server I was droping the zip server from old install into import, and using the import tab. After filling in the server name I would click import and the box would disappear but nothing would happen.

And to these concerns?

Sorry for the late reply, running multiple servers, and general life things, can keep you busy. Anyway to answer your question, due to me needing to get the server up and running, I just simply used my old install CD that had the node version on it and just ran a package and dist update.