How do you install JAVA 8 on a new server?

I would like to start by mentioning that I am very new to Linux. I have been wanting to give MineOS a try for a while now and re-purposed an old Dell Optiplex to do it. I want to run multiple servers on it and haven’t had a problem getting vanilla servers to run with the newer versions of Minecraft. The problem that I am having is with the older versions, primarily with the forage versions. I have used the two forum posts tagged at the bottom to install JAVA 17 without issue so that I could run a 1.18 server. The problem that I am having is with JAVA 8 so that I can run forage 1.12.2 servers. Any help would be much appreciated.

Upgrading to Java 16 from the MineOS Turnkey ISO - Command-Line - MineOS Forum

Multiple Versions of Java on MineOS - Web-UI - MineOS Forum

I am also looking for this information, there doesn’t really seem to be any working guides on the web, the only success I have had is downloading the linux distro package for java 8 and using scp to transfer it from my windows machine (wget didn’t want to work for some reason) and installing the package from there.
Thanks Oracle, you broke a lot of shit, now we have to have an account to download it???
anyways, now mineos is saying: Java Version in Use: Error accessing location ‘undefined’

So that’s fun.
Also the “logging” doesn’t work anymore, I wish it would give us crash logs, but looking at the forums for this software, it looks abandoned.
But I will keep trying and eventually post my results here for all to see.

And now for some odd reason I cannot UNINSTALL java 17, I think I messed up the server so I reinstalled, and now I cannot uninstall java 17?
Ok this is weird…
To try mods and to see if they, I will first attempt a more recent version of MC that likes the newer java.
Perhaps the wayback machine will work for the old links…


You don’t want to uninstall java 17 the MineOS Webui needs that version and you probably could not uninstall it because it would of been in use.

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Alright, so I guess my best solution would be to do the multiple versions of java method? As if I would use a different distro and only install java 8 the web gui needs 17, so that wouldn’t work correct?
The web GUI is absolutely amazing and snappy (in my opinion of course), but it needs an easy way to access the logs and cmd line for debugging…

see the above thread i posted

yeah, just after I pressed reply, I read through that and now I feel real dumb…
Thanks, will go through that.

Mineos is is just linux shell and making use of screen with a visual front end being the WebUI its pretty cool for what it is.

but i think one of the goals is to get people learning how to do more abstract things like command line orientated stuff and just learning linux in general idk i could be wrong but i feel like i read this somewhere in the forum from the dev. Regardless you still want to learn linux specifically Debain based as its the makeup of the entire structure.

Im young, so give me some time :slight_smile:
I also think I messed something up, I used root for all those commands and now I get
Java Version in Use: Error accessing location '/var/games/servers/minecraft/java/jdk8u345-b01-jre/bin/java'
yay me…
god of chown oh help me now…

There is nothing in …/minecraft/java
Something went wrong, thats for sure lol

Also, for me its not …/games/servers/minecraft its …/games/minecraft/servers

i messed up one of the commands just redo it from the beginning i edit the thread it is right now

oof let me look lol…ok hang on i forgot i changed the structure of my folders because of the way i mounted the file system just let me fix the thread sorry lol

you will have to rm that directory possibly because its wrong

rmdir /games/servers

sorry my bad i forgot that i changed my directory structure from what it normal is

One last thing Ank, for me at least its not:




After changing that and using the new commands now instead of a error I have:
Which is better then an error haha.

But, the server is starting, I have access the the latest.log from the web GUI, and its not making me cry anymore.

What you did for me in 30 minutes took 2 DAYS of experimentation and google searching.
I THANK you my good sir.


Good to see my java version in use addition is helpful :slight_smile:

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is that something you suggested? i was looking at that and was like oh i must be on an old commit.
(filler text due to posting similar)

I coded it and put in the PR

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