Sky Factory 4 Server- not loading mods

I am making a Sky Factory 4 forge server and everything works smoothly until I join and the world will not become a skyblock with natural generation (followed multiplayer guide for generator and level type) even when I import a single player world it only loads a dirt block not the modded items, to my knowledge there are no mods available its basically vanilla with some client side mods, the jei library and what not. I have read extensively with help into the forums and other sites, I’m at my wits end, I could use some help if someone has made a Sky Factory 4 server through Mineos and webui only. Many guides and tips seem to be outdated and i have tried for hours tinkering and fumbling.

Have you successfully created a running skyfactory 4 server? As posted I did follow these instructions.

No but at the same time those instructions are pretty clear cut if you are having problems then its due to not following those instructions or its a more deep seated issue.

If you are having world generation problems then its usually because you have not set the world generation settings accordingly this is not an area exclusive to Sky factory its simple Minecraft logic. In other words it is irrelevant if I have setup Sky factory before or not.

I linked that link as it defines clearly how you need to set the world generation settings, just because you said you read the instructions does not mean you followed them correctly or even read those instructions for example.

We also are not mind readers so when ever someone is going to try and diagnose your issue then they will usually start with fundamentals.

I guess the next step is the mods them self you would want to make sure that the server is loading as a forge server and that it is loading the mods correctly this means you want to read the logs and see what it is doing at runtime.

If you are only loading client side files then this would suggest that you did not use the server files on the server. I guess make sure you are using the server files.

You may also want to look into someone before questioning their ability to help you. I know enough to be confident in helping someone to diagnose their issues.

At this point in time it is anyone’s guess i have relayed to you some pretty basic areas to look at were the issue could lie without seeing any logs or seeing your server firsthand then we are only limited in the infromation we can give to you.

if you want to help us help you then do some basic fundamentals on your part. Upload the mineos.log and the forge log. Maybe even do a ls of your servers base dir and then one of the mods dir so we can see what your file system looks like.

it could even be permission issues as anything past /var/games/servers/minecraft/ needs to be non elevated, so from your server base dir on wards. To check this cd into your servers directory and ls -l

the question wasn’t meant to question your expertise and the other comment came off the wrong way. I should have been more direct, Its a java issue. most guides and tips are based on the user running trueNAS or some other os under mineos my machine runs mineos turnkey at the base. I just need to change my java version to openjdk8, and cant get the command string correct, i did see the other post in the forums where someone laid out the info for java 8 specifically but i cant seem to get it correct. Sorry if I came off as ungrateful before I really am just pleased that anyone responded.

Upload your logs we cannot really offer much other than guessing without looking at them. If you are loading into the world which sounds like the case in your first post then its not a java problem, it would most likely be forge is not loading seeing as you say that mods are not loading.

The logs should point out more clearly what is happening, read them or if you are unsure upload them. Sometimes they may not offer much to work from but it is the first place you should look when trying to find out what the issue is.

One quick way to know if forge is loaded is type /forge tps in game or into the server console while the Minecraft server is running, if it says “unknown command” or something like that then its a vanilla server, else the command will work as intended.

Or that you are not running the jvm with the forge.jar and instead using the Vanilla jar.

Sorry i misinterpreted what you were saying and took it as a literal. Text can be hard to distinguish sometimes.

I appreciate the responses, I have since resolved my issue, I ended up redownloading the OS and rewriting my drive on the server machine, basically a fresh start, then i was able to run the commands in your other guide to change the java version and get the server running smoothly.