Forge Server 1.12.2 MineOS

I hope this is the correct category…

I got a problem… I wanted to make a forge server on mineOS for me and my friends but in the web-ui i cant find any profiles for forge… I only got this profiles: Screenshot_266

I dont know maybe i got a wrong version of mineOS? I have tried this 2 Versions of mineOS: Screenshot_267 but both got no forge profiles… Can someone help me?

Forge has changed how they serve their downloads, and that impacted availability in MineOS. There is a fix underway: [SOLUTION IN PROGRESS] Can't download forge profiles - #11 by jagdtigger

After installing MineOS you need to update the WebUI to get the latest commit: Updating the Webui - MineOS Wiki
This is beacuse the premade ISO’s do not nescestarily include the very latest updates and commits.

Thank you buddy, it worked