BuildTools download, needs to be fixed

I have been ignoring this issue for a while now, a many months ago I was not able to update Buildtools. I have been downloading to my PC then uploading it to the server. Now the latest Buildtools gives this error so now I can’t even build the Latest Spigot on my server. When I updated to Java 11 it caused problems. I still can’t get one of my server to run due it requires Java 8

*** The version you have requested to build requires Java versions between [Java 16, Java 16], but you are using Java 11 *** Please rerun BuildTools using an appropriate Java version. For obvious reasons outdated MC versions do not support Java versions that did not exist at their release.

That is not a message saying something is wrong with build-tools. Also build-tools are not made or maintained by MineOS and Hexparrot.
It is a problem that the different versions of minecraft servers, both older vs newer vanilla servers, and between the different forge or other specialized versions of the minecraft servers, use different versions of Java. MineOS relies on the main installed version of java (the one that is placed in the OS’s path settngs), and has no system for handling different installed java versions.

Buildtools is find the download of buildtools will not complete, If I click the download button it replaces the Buildtool files with one that is corrupted

did you fix your java problem?
You need to upgrade your java: Upgrading to Java 16 from the MineOS Turnkey ISO - #10 by ctabone

Also, Forge made some changes to who they serve files, (they monetized them) so you also need to update your WebUI:

Yes I updated my Java to 16 and I used java_binary= to direct to correct Java, I’m rebuilding my old server now

Took lots of updating since the forge server has not ran since 2018, I was able to log onto it and it seems to work great, Thanks

Buildtools issue fixed today