Why cant you edit BungeeCord config file

Why cant you edit bungeecord config file?

You need to edit it with FTP access. You can’t edit it from the UI directly.

Could that be a feature request?

That would be a good question for @hexparrot

Alright, thanks Emalton :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem, happy to help. :smile:

It certainly could be a requested feature, but making YAML files live-editable in a web interface isn’t a trivial task…so it’s unlikely to be engineered anytime soon. Code contributions welcome, but since most people aren’t that saavy with writing their own Angular.js code, I’d probably be happy enough if somebody found a plugin or javascript snippet that manages this in Angular already. Otherwise, this will probably go untouched for quite some time…

Could it just be a basic text editor?

Ive seen other web-ui’s like MultiCraft do it

I didn’t say it wasn’t possible, I said it wasn’t a trivial task. When it comes to feature additions, trust that there’s pretty much only one person who has to do it…me.

And multicraft makes money; it’s not just a free software product created out of one person’s spare time.

Alright, Thanks :smiley:
Since its a open source project, i may be able to help out.
Github time!

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