WebUI Stops Responding Regularly

What’s OK :slight_smile:

The minecraft server is running fine and I can connect to it via the IP address from the client. It has been up for hours with no problems. I have connected with the client, disconnected, reconnected, left it connected an hour or two etc., no problems.

The Problem

However MineOS stops responding regularly requiring supervisorctl stop mineos followed by supervisorctl start mineos. Sometimes it stops within seconds of starting, sometimes an hour or so later, most often a few minutes later.

If I treat mineos “gently” then it seems to fall over less often. I.e. don’t start WebUI until a few minutes after restarting MineOS etc. Yesterday it was still up a good couple of hours after restarting then as soon as I started looking at the WebUI and starting the game from the client it fell over instantly.

Occasionally I can connect via the LAN Broadcast but not often. Mostly I have to connect via Direct Connect.
Maybe related or not but when LAN Broadcast works the server name is not there, just “LAN World”. The motd makes it across however.

Other Info

I had connection problems with the MineOS Turnkey ISO so I built “an equivalent” from scratch :`

Turnkey 15.0
MineOS via git clone, the WebUI shows git commit: b28c5be
OpenJDK 1.8.0_181

Running on an QNAP NAS with QTS
Intel Celeron N3060 1.6 GHz

6GB RAM VM created in Virtualisation Station (I don’t know who’s technology is behind that software - general opinion seems to be that it’s KVM based) with 500GB hard disk, minecraft server assigned -Xms 512 MB, -Xmx 1536 MB.

Log Files

MineOS log

MineOS.Auth log

Minecraft Server.log


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Is the level-name of your world (not the server) including spaces?

The level-name name is set in server.properties. It may be that the issue is there, seeing as how all the logs (and the constant webui service restarting) is happening right after checking the directories for ‘The Badger Set’.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes it did have spaces but no longer, I just changed it via WebUI. The minecraft server was not running since I had only just booted the VM (MineOS starts on boot but no servers start on boot).
WebUI then stopped responding (less than 1 minute).
I restarted MineOS from the command line.
I changed level-name in server.properties using nano (the edit via WebUI had not been recorded so it must have crashed before writing the change - or maybe during?).
I logged back in to WebUI.
It crashed.
I stopped MineOS.
I checked server-properties, level-name was ok, also changed motd to remove whitespaces just in case.
Restarted MineOS.
Logged back into WebUI, left it running 5 minutes, all ok.
As soon as I selected the server in order to check properties and start it then WebUI stopped responding.



I have checked the server folder and there are now two folders The Badger Set and The_Badger_Set, I don’t know if MineOS is still trying to access the one with spaces. I will remove it and replace with an alternative that uses no spaces. If that doesn’t work then I will remove all servers and see if MineOS is stable.

Thanks again,

Since the server is already created (and that world is already generated), I think you can actually just rename that directory to the value you just set level-world to.

That is, you don’t need to change/discard your existing world, simply rename it in the two places so that no spaces exist:

  1. change in webui: level-world to “The_Badger_Set”
  2. mv /var/games/minecraft/servers/The_Badger_Set/The\ Badger\ Set /var/games/minecraft/servers/The_Badger_Set/The_Badger_Set

Ok, now working normally.
Thank you.

I rebuilt the server from a blank sheet of paper - the world was not important, I was just using it for testing.
I preferred to know exactly what state the server was in and having hacked about trying to fix the issue I felt that there were too many things where I just didn’t know what state they were in anymore. It also validates my server build instructions :slight_smile:

There are no spaces in the server name, world name nor motd and the server has been up for over 11 hours without crashing once. There are three worlds (on three ports running simultaneously) and I have logged into and out of each of them successfully.

The only issue resting is that the world name (or is it the server name?) is still struggling to get into the client. The servers appear in the list with the motd comment (which is now a copy of the server name to help me know is what) but the server name is still LAN World. I left the client running on the server list page for a few hours and on returning the names were there but as soon as I move away from that ‘page’ and back again then they are gone (replaced by LAN World).

That’s not a great hardship and I won’t prioritise fixing it.

Thanks again.

For info I had the issues experienced here, Unable to create server and NO_PROFILES_DOWNLOADED.
My server build instructions now include :

npm install --unsafe-perm
errors produced

npm install userid --unsafe-perm
npm audit fix
npm audit reports problems to resolve but they would introduce breaking changes, I have not done npm audit fix --force

I can rebuild a test server and get the exact messages if that would be of interest. It only takes a short while.

I was also thinking of posting the instructions for others if that would be useful, with the exception of the above they seem pretty robust and with no errors (and they result in a working server :slight_smile: )