WebUI not working, npm install issues, etc

Running FreeNas 11.2-Beta 2 (can’t roll back - long story)
Since MineOS refused to install as a plugin I set up a freeBSD jail and am attempting to set it up there by following the direction on the site for the Node.js version.

I struggled with things for a bit but I was finally able to log into the web UI, as root even. But I do not see the option to “Manage Profiles”. There is a profiles tab but nothing on that page works. Blank dropdowns, etc. And pretty much all the text on every part of the WebUI has an underscore where you would expect a space. I believe there were errors when doing the install of npm and I’ve tried re-installing and always get an error. I’m using the shell from FreeNas so I can’t copy and paste. I’ll try logging in via an SSH program later.

Any idea where I could start? Setting up a user in FreeBSD didn’t change anything, the WebUI is still odd.

Sorry to overall mostly just be quoting here but the solution is to simply substitute “npm install” with “npm install --unsafe-perm” in the install and update/reset commands/scripts.

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Also, to make full use of the web ui you must be logged in as a normal user/any other user who/that isn’t root.

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