Using Hamachi to allow friends to connect

Does anyone know how to do this? any reply would be helpful.

Hamachi [logmein] is a VPN service, right?

I recommend you find a distro that has instructions on how to use Hamachi for making a server.

In the end, connecting to MineOS will just mean you having access to port 22, 8443, and 25565. Getting a server up with these ports listening is separate from the VPN component, which you’re asking about.

So as an example, you can use tutorials like this:

Linux mint can be used (ubuntu based versions are available) which means you can also use the Ubuntu-based instructions for installing MineOS. If you’re using MineOS Turnkey (which is based on Debian), it’s likely you can use these instructions as-is.

At any rate, Hamachi doesn’t need to integrate, in any way, with your MineOS installation. Both are set up separately and independently. The former makes the latter accessible, the same way as if you were local.

so I have to abandon MineOS? Or can I use turkey and still do something based with hamachi? I really like MineOS

There shouldn’t be a need to abandon MineOS, but instead add the packages for Hamachi on the server. I don’t use a VPN myself for my servers, but Hamachi (or any VPN service) is mutually exclusive to the host. I recommend reviewing any instructions to get this configured for Debian distros.

I dont understand most of this linux stuff, The “build it yourself” Mine OS is only returning errors and I dont know what to do

I use the current pre-built MineOS distro as it is relatively simple to install and get running. It has just enough to run and make it a headless server.

That being said, I glanced over the Hamachi‘a website, and if you already have an account, you can get the .deb package and install it. They have guides to walk through that apparently (sorry didn’t read through them.)

wait can i install Hamachi With MineOS Turnkey?

I don’t see why not. It’s just a matter of downloading the package and installing it with the command line. Definitely review their instructions though.

so its the hamachi site? and i didnt think you could run side programs with MineOS

MineOS (web services porting commands to the Minecraft java servers) is an application that runs on top of Turnkey Linux. Its similarly like MS Word running on top of Windows. You can run other applications, and in fact Linux is really good with multitasking and multiprocessing.

How would i gain access to the other area? because im failing to setup mineos in other linux distros

The Turnkey build is designed to be accessed through SSH (remote terminal like PuTTY). It’s all text based, so you’d use all commands. This makes it lightweight to provide more processing power to serving instead of wasting it on GUIs.

To get started, on a client computer, install PuTTY. When that loads enter the server IP address. Log into the server using the mc account and password. (I created another account that has sudo access.)

I took a quick look over the “Getting Started” pdf, and they have the instructions on getting this installed (page 14, option 1.) Once installed then you issue the commands to connect to their service. But that’s just my 5 minute review.

I’d recommend contacting their support channel for more detailed information.

contacting Hamachis I assume, so you’re saying I can in fact add Hamachi and run it while running mineOS and not have any issues? also im using the stretch iso version

The OS won’t prevent you, MineOS shouldn’t have an issue. Every VPN solution handles traffic differently. But from the standpoint of MineOS/Turnkey, this can be added. It uses the .deb packaging.

I highly recommend building a test server before adding anything to a “production” environment.

I found out how to use putty, it’s essentially used as a console. do i also need an ftp or is everything going to command based?

I’m worried some of the commands might be outdated once i find a tutorial
which i think I have:

yeah, the commands are way to limited in mine os for me to do anything’

What is the goal you’re trying to accomplish? Maybe knowing that can help.

do i also need an ftp or is everything going to command based?

You don’t have to, but is recommend. The general consensus is to use PuTTY for console access, and Filezilla for transfers.

I want to run hamachi alongside mineOS main program and use it to allow other people to connect in

You don’t need a VPN to do this, as “out of the box”, and once installed and running, users can connect with the external IP address. The only thing that the VPN would offer is to have the external clients connect to the internal IP address of the server and other parts of your personal network, if you so like.

If unwanted access is a concern, then you could put the server into your router’s DMZ and that will quarantine that system from the internal network, yet allow external members to connect.

Also, there are other system securities hardening methods out there that work really well, and don’t use a VPN.

I cant port forward so this is a server only friends will connect to, so security isn’t the issue, allowing them to connect is