Using Hamachi to allow friends to connect

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If you want to use a VPN and have users connect to a service (Minecraft Server) on your equipment (host), I would not use Hamachi, but instead set up the host as a VPN server in tandem to MineOS.

I found a well documented 12 step process to set one up. It appears to be daunting, but this way you are hosting the VPN as oppose to connecting to a third party.

Installing and Setting Up OpenVPN

ah but can i still use my computer?
alsoim using virtual box so i don’t know if that would work
oh you mean ON mine OS, well it had a fairly limited command set

If you are setting up your server in a VirtualBox, then you’d have to think of that as a separate computer.
Yes you can install that in the VM host, and still use your computer, provided your computer has a powerful process and lots of RAM. Keep in mind, though your storage devices is going to get more thrashing as you’re using it for the client (and other local apps) plus the VM will be using it for its apps and system.

Things you can tone down would be the video memory, as MineOS only needs the minimum offered in VirtualBox. The storage requirement isn’t that great, so you can have a relatively small footprint.

I cant seem to activate sudo within it, how am i suppose to install stuff within MineOS
should I install sudo?

You should be using either the mc account or created another account. To add sudo a member of the sudo group needs to add it, IE root.

The command: adduser *username* sudo will grant username the permission.