Spigot 1.11.2.jar creation fails with BuildTools

I got MineOS going on a little Asus eeeBox easily.

I wanted to create a Minecraft Spigot Server. I used the WebUI to download the Buildtools.jar and ensured that I had created a Minecraft server and chose the Minecraft profile (I see no Minecraft Spigot/Bukkit profile)

When I try to click on Build Spigot I get an error “Error -17 (EEXIST): /var/games/minecraft/profiles/spigot_1.11.2”

This is most likely related to the following issue:

The workaround should still work, just replace with the version number you want to use

Thanks, I read what you said and elected to search further for options and came across this post that I just updated for Buildtools 1.11.2 https://discourse.codeemo.com/t/building-spigot-craftbukkit-fails/1624/2

Thanks, that got the server working. Now searching for advice/tutorials for installing Spigot/Bukkit plugins.


Well… your search gave you the exact same page that I linked to…

To isntall plugins in Bukkit:

  1. Download the plugin you want from Informational - Bukkit Plugins - Projects - Bukkit. make sure your plugin works with the version of bukkit / minecraft you are running.

  2. transfer the plugin to the plugin directory in your server directory using SFTP (for example : Filezilla: https://filezilla-project.org/)
    How to use Filezilla: https://wiki.filezilla-project.org/Using
    The folder is located here:
    /var/games/minecraft/server/[name of your server]/plugins

  3. restart your minecraft server
    The plugin wil now be loaded, and wil generate any files it needs, like its config files

  4. stop your minecraft server

  5. open a shell session using SSH. Go to the plugin folder.

  6. do any modifications to the config you need.
    Be adviced: Each plugin has different configuration options. No singular howto (other than this type of overview) is possible for all plugs.

  7. start your minecraft server again.

You are done installing a plugin.

Thanks, Works fine on my little “development server” that I have at home. All plugins installed and behaving properly.

Next issue is to figure out why my big Minecraft server that I am running on my VMWare host at work is not allowing me to update or connect to the Internet. (We sit behind a firewall that requires a username and password to get out and does accounting on usage and charging.

I searched the MineOS forums for articles on proxy and firewall setup as well as “accessing the Internet from behind firewall/proxy on a headless Debian-based server” on other Turnkey/Ubuntu and Debian forums and tried the proxy setups using SSH on those, but it does not work. (It has always given a problem in the past, hence my tendency to use cut down Debian desktops distros with GUI’s installed so I can interact with the firewall/proxy…



But the home server is working OK, albeit very slow becuase of a lack of RAM and processing power on the host machine - a low-spec ASUS eeeBox 1501.