[SOLVED] 1.18.x, and Spigot does not run (Updated Java Version)

Hmm have you looked into any tutorials yourself on how to install java 17?

nop ill do that now ig
tysm for the help

Np let me know If you need anything else

using sudo apt update then sudo apt --fix-broken install seemed to fix my issue. I tried that last command again and it worked :slight_smile: ill see if it lets me run 1.18 now

Ok first check the version with java -version and make sure its 17

yea nah its still 16 lol

Ok then run this sudo update-alternatives --config java
And tell me what u see

error: no alternatives for java

That means that java 17 isn’t installed yet

yea. i tried redoing the commands you told me to do earlier and nothing changed .-.

Sorry I don’t use Turnkey so its hard for me to know which ones would work for that I say u should look into some tutorial on how to get java 17 for Debian

thats what im doing now :confused: ill let u (or anyone else with the same issue) if i fix it

I know that the java version is the problem i am sure of it but i dont know how to get java 17 on turnkey :frowning:

neither do I :frowning: haven’t made any progress so far. even gone into old threads/forums. still just as clueless.

YOOO i did it tysm @ARR and @ulaar

I’m about to see if this fixes the entire issue but at least its now 17.0.1 when i do java --version

omg it worked tysm :smiley:

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Im glad your able to play now :blush:

I’m having the same issue, I made a forum about it but no one has responded in over a week, so I figured I’d go in here. I have java 17, and I have the same issue using spigot 1.18 where the server starts for a couple seconds and then crashes. Please refer to my forum post for more specifics, but I don’t know where else to go. Please help!

Does it say anything in the logs?

Also having problems probably related to Java 1.18… I can run the server on my PC with Java 1.18 but not 1.17.
But I don’t know if I change java the right way in MineOS docker, it says version 1.18 when I do java -version but nothing still happens when I press start button. Only thing I get in logs when I press start is “2022-05-02 21:44:56,443 INFO reaped unknown pid 326
2022-05-02 21:44:56,443 INFO reaped unknown pid 325
2022-05-02 21:44:56,443 INFO reaped unknown pid 326”