Setting up a server for the first time ever and trying to install mods

Noobest of noobs here, I just re-purposed some old hardware with MineOS, set up a server using forge 1.8.9 but cannot for the life of me figure out how to install mods on the thing. I googled around but couldn’t find anything, or at least anything I could understand. MineOS is the only OS on the system. Thanks in advance!

Minecraft Server Directory on MineOS: /var/games/minecraft/servers/[servername]

If you have successfully created a Forge 1.8.9 server, you should see a mods folder (if not, create one) in the server directory. Upon starting the server, join with the same mods client-side and verify that the server has loaded the mods; if the mods were not loaded then either the mods folder is empty and/or you haven’t actually created a Forge server jar (yet). Let us know what happens!

all I have is a command line, is there a way to download direct to the directory?

I’ll bite, and be the rude one:

It looks to me like you need to learn some basic linux. Learning to traverse and use commandline is a minimum: Linux Tutorial for Beginners - Learn Linux and the Bash Command Line

You also need to look into sftp to learn how to transfer things to a linix box. Filezilla is a good client for that:

Then you need to re-read the tutorials given on this forum allready. @tNt and @JayMontana36 has written several point-by-point descriptions for how to install mods, including where they are located, let me search the forum for you on that: Search results for 'install mod' - MineOS Forum

Sorry if I come across a bit crass, but this is really basic stuff that we have to write several times a week. All the info is in the forum all ready, and if the how-tos are to advanced, it may be due to a need of base knowledge.

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Got it! thanks so much for your help!

From one n00b to another, I just made a fun discovery that might help you. If you access https://[your IP]:12321 from a browser you should reach a Webmin log in screen. Log in with your root credentials, and you should have access to the WebAdmin interface, which is a GUI interface for a lot of the backend functionality that until earlier today I thought was only accessible via command line. This includes an Upload/Download function (under the Tools drop-down menu).

Hope this helps, Good Luck.

PS. It is possible that this is a new addition to MineOS, I have no idea. If you dont reach it, and the port is open, you may need to update your mineos interface.

You should not upload files as root, even if it’s from Webmin as it interferes with permissions and it one of the main causes of crashes and/or other weird things happening to the server. I would say login to webmin followed by adding a new webmin user (and selecting your ‘mc’ or other account if you’ve installed MineOS from scratch atop another distro) and then upload from webmin using that account is a much better (well, safer) option than with root.

Actually, it’s completely unrelated to MineOS, however it’s been there for as far as I can remember (2-3 years) lol

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Noted and done, Thanks for the tip!