Server ip not working?


so for some reason the server ip isnt forwarding me to the login screen. am i doing something wrong?

  1. is it working locally? (forwarding only applies when you are using a different internet connection than the server is using)

  2. are you sure the webui is up?

  3. does /var/log/mineos.log indicate any errors?

Lastly, what was your install method, MineOS Turnkey? Other?


@hexparrot i did everything in this video


Okay, well that doesn’t give me the necessary information to troubleshoot from questions #1, #2, or #3


@hexparrot ill switch on the server once again to see what it does


in “How to set up with wifi” you asked about how to set up WLAN on your server, as you do not have LAN available. Have you done this (set up wifi) or are you running on LAN?


i left the idea of using Wifi and actually found a ethernet cord long enough that will reach from my router to the computer after a few hours of posting that one (sorry it that one was a bit of a time waster i just needed to look around my house a bit to find one)


@hexparrot ok so for odd reason the Ip works now when i put it in the address bar. but theres just one question i have left about this which password and username am i putting into the page the password that i typed upon installing the installing the server? or my username and password from this site
screen shot:


@Samurai_Toxic during the installation, you would have set two passwords, one for root, and one for mc.

Use root when installing system services, managing users, and updating MineOS with git.

Use mc when doing anything that involves running a Minecraft server, such as creating one, starting it up, modding it, etc.

While you are able to log into the webui as rootdon’t. You’d also receive a warning at the top of the page telling you to not.


@hexparrot that worked. now another problem is that im downloaded the MC version but im getting a slight problem while doing so