How to set up with wifi

i dont have ethernet but only wifi is there anyway to set it that way?

The standard packages (preconfigured ISO with Turnkey and MineOS) is slimmed down and srteamlined. You may be lucky enough that your wireless adapter / card is recognized and installed, but most likely not, unfortunately. The standards concerning wireless adapters are quite loose, only demanding that they communicate over set standards. LAN-cards follow a more standard setup, and often has existing common drivers wich makes it easier to preconfigure. In addition, most server admins prefer their servers to be wired to eliminate one source of low ping, and to have a higher guarantee of stable network.

If you wish to install MineOS on a machine using wireless I suggest using another more common linux version (distro), that most likely will have the drivers available. Like Ubuntu or Debian. you can then use this howto to install MineOS Webui on top of your chosen distro:

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