Save-All not working

So I installed Turnkey MineOS. I use the save-all command all the time (every 20 minutes). Then the server crashed (just the one I was playing). I lost 4 days work once the server came back up. Does anyone have an idea why the save-all wasn’t saving to disk? I was using 2GB of Mxm Mxs each. Am I using too much memory to make it actually save to disk? Will save-all only work when no one is playing?

No, “save-all” should work every time you run it.

We have very little to go on to help you, but some questions:

  • How do you run your mineos? As a virtual machine? Or installed physically on a computer?
  • Which version of minecraft are you running? (mojangs ordinary version (Vanilla), bukkit, forge…?)
  • How much harddisk do you have available?

If there is more world in memory than there are harddrive space available saving will fail (been there, done that).

Other than that I can only think of software errors / bugs that would prevent a save-all, and those are the responsibility of those that made your chosen server. MineOS only provides an environment where a minecraft server can run, the internal workings (like save-all, whitelists, gamemodes and so on) is in the domain of the minecraft server, and outside the controll of mineos.

I use a physical machine. I am using the latest version of mineos. I use Vanilla from mojang. I have at least 60GB of free space.

Then it is no reason as to why your server should not obey the save-all, both the ordinary autmatic ones, and the ones you fired off. Mojangs vanilla server is coded to save itself every 5 minutes:

There is only three possible explanations then:

  1. OS-related issue (The user running the server lacks the rights to write to disk, this however should have given you a whole set of other problems)
  2. bug in the server jar file that prevents Mojangs vanilla server saving (I had one like that, save-all worked, but it did not autosave)
  3. Hardware error (disk error prevents world to be writte, but this should have manifested it self as corruptions and regenerated world parts, not entire missing days…)

Let me just ask a few of the “stupid” questions:

  • When you write save-all do you get the message “Saved the world” as a response?
  • Have you done any changes to users and groups on you MineOS server? (Or do you run with the default “mc” user?)
  • if you ssh in, and give the command
    ls -lsa
    do you see a line like this (among several others):
    4 drwxr-xr-x 8 mc mc 4096 Apr 28 22:26 world
  • Are you sure you do not use archiving, and all the archives in /var/games/minecraft/archives/[servername] hasn’t eaten up all the space? (For example: the archives from one of my minecraft servers is 6.5GB each, so 60 GB space would be eaten up in about a week…) Using the “df” command in ssh should list your servers hard drive usage :

I am sorry I am pushing that particular point, but I fail to se any other reasons for why your server should fail both your save-all and the 5 minute interal save the server it self does, so that you loose several days.

I also seem to remember early versions of MineOS haveing a problem of loosing data when it was configured with ramdisk active, but I also think this has been disabled for quite some time, so unless you spesifically installed your MineOS server with ramdisk this should not be an issue.

iMelsom, Thanks for all the input and help.
I get the saved the world message all the time.(i also run save-all from the log in the web interface and from the in game prompt)
I have 40GB of free space.
I actually use root instead of mc

would I be better off using spigot?

4 drwxrwxr-x 8 root root 4096 Apr 29 02:46 Micro3
this is where my DIM1, DIM-1, data etc files are

You shouldn’t ever use root to run Minecraft servers or anything related for security reasons, and MineOS is designed to run servers as a user, not as root and doing so you are bound to run into plenty of problems regarding permissions, which can actually cause the problem that you ran into (which is not being able to save).

It depends, if you intend to use plugins then go for it, if you intend to keep it all vanilla then leave it vanilla. Spigot does have it’s performance tweaks and all but I guess it just depends on how you want your server to be. If you do opt for Spigot though, you might want to check out Paper which is just like Spigot, but with more performance optimizations. You might also checkout the post below, which is basically made for starters and people with low-end systems, and it works atop existing servers.

But in your case I’d suggest you to create an archive of the server’s files then create a new server from that archive, and it should solve your save-all problem, I’m not sure you could recover lost work though.

If you decide to try out the server project, all you have to do is drop the zip into /var/games/minecraft/import then from the UI, import a server, and then copy the existing world folder over to the new server.

Or you could just extract the contents atop the existing server but you’ll have to set the max player count, server name, etc minor things, but I suggest you don’t extract atop the existing server because you’ve been using root to host the server and it wouldn’t solve anything doing that.

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I agree with @JayMontana36. MineOS is not designed to use root only. Root is only used to do Sys admin work, and tasks that border on tampering with the kernel and files that should live protected from change by any other than root.

MineOS uses the default “normal” user you add at install to run most of its proscesses. The default user for a MineOS ISO is “mc”, and all tutorials refer to “mc” being the MineOS user. (If you install another distro, then install the MineOS package on top the default user can be anything you decide, but not root). Since you have your server ownership as root, and MineOS runs most of it’s tasks as a local user, I think you see a rights problem. I think your server lacks the right to write to your disc in that directory since it is owned by root.

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I guess I will chip in here, these guys are too nice.

You bricked you server by taking root. I’ve done it too. Don’t worry, lesson learned. Move on.

Here is how to move on: When you ‘save the archive’, use the MineOS WebUI as intended and as JayMontana36 knows the permissions for that archive will be correctly saved in the ‘archive’ folder and when imported into a new server, the permissions on the new server will be correct. You will have lost some work, but OK. Move along. (You may have to manually move the newly made ‘saved archive’ to the new servers ‘archive’ folder so that it can then be ‘imported’, depending on how you proceed. The point is do all of that as “mc” or whatever username you have chosen, NOT as root!)

So, make a new server and import your archive and everything will be as it should.

Until you decide to take ‘root’ again. Of course you can, and to do one or two tasks you might even want to, fine. Restrict your actions to that and that alone because as stated by the men above: MineOS is by design supposed to be used by a user, not root or you may risk bricking your server.

Thanks and Good Luck!

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