Profile problem

There as been 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 updates and both offical release but there not in the profile, I have gone blond and forgot how to get in to it manual to upload the jar from what is 1.9.2, but if I don’t it means people using the up to date louncher wont be able to play on my server until they down grade back to 1.9, any ideas why there missing?

in the Webui , Where it show you logged in MC or whatever you use there is a drop down menu, select Refresh Profile list, it will refresh it with the updated release.


Not working for me

Remote server did not return forge-1.9- (status 404)

This is two different problems.
@kuro had a problem with a profile list that was not (didn not) pdate. A manual profile list update should resolve this.

@thisischrys: your problem is that forge-1.9- do not exisist in any official released version: . Latest release there is forge-1.8.9-

Trying to download the file you reference (forge-1.9- will therefore result in a 404 (page/file not found) error. Why forge has listed their 1.9 release in the files MineOS WebUI references to list available files is unknown, they may have had a file available, but pulled it back due to errors or something. MineOS trust developers of such releases to keep a clean release list, but occationally these lists are out of sync or have errors. This is unfortunate, but as of now there is no function in MineOS to check if the URL is valid or not.

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Except they’re all here:

Forge 1.9 has been in development since they forked it on github the 31.march. You asked about this the of april. You can see their commit history here:

They have not merged the 1.9 branch with their Master branch (their current main release) yet, so you can safely assume that they are not happy with it yet. Also if you take a look at the issue list of Forge you can see that there are several issues with forge 1.9:

MineOS automatically tries to keep up with releases from the different server vendors, and does so by subscribing to their lists of releases. It then lists the available releases for you to download. If this list contains errors in the download adress MineOS wil not be able to download it. This is what seems to be the case with forge. They have either changed their download URL for 1.9, or entered the download address inncorrectly. This means that MineOS does exactly what it is asked to do, but fails to give the wanted result since the supplied information is wrong.

You can however download the jar manually, and manually place it in the server folder. This does the exact same job, as the server does when you press the download button in the profile list.

This is still a different bug report than the original report in this thread.