Error with Forge download link for 1.7.* and 1.9.*

Continuing the discussion from Profile problem:

It seems Forge cant decide what format their download URL should have.

for 1.7.10 and 1.9.* it is /version - release - version/
for 1.8.* it is /version - release/
See the following example URLS from Forge :
1.7.10 download link:

1.8.9 download link:

1.9 download link:

Old Post:

It seems Forge have changed their urls between Forge 1.8.9 and 1.9:
1.8.9 download link:

1.9 download link:

It looks to me like they have added the version number again after the release number:
/1.8.9- vs /1.9-
I have no idea if this is intentional and here to stay, or just temporarily, but it means that MineOS is not able to download the 1.9 jar.

This is a good a time as any for clarification, lol.

Hi iMelsom,

Just because

I have been d/l forge installer jar and u/l to profiles folder (root required), then select the installer jar in the WebUI, start the server, wait for it to stop. This installs the universal jar in the proper location and now can select the forge universal jar in the WebUI drop down menu.

How can I improve this? Or in other words get the same result without resorting to rooting around in the profiles folder?

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As long as you only need it for one server, you can just pop it straight into the server folder. No need to go via the profile folder. It should then show in the available jars list more or less automagically