Port Forwarding Issues

Hello Everyone! I am just a 13 year old boy, and I had build a server just for me and my friends to play on. I can’t seem to get it to port forward though. I have just a standard xfinity router, but that is linked into my microtik across the house, and that is attached to my server. No matter what I try, I cant seem to port forward the friggin thing. Can u doods help?

Hey! .you need to acces your router and portforward it from there. To the port 25565. There are tutorials on youtube, you just need to know your ip adress. Watch this video here: https://youtu.be/rG0WDgysa4E if it does not work just ask and i and everyone can help :slight_smile:

Thank you, but I have tried to allow access through the firewall. Microtiks router os isn’t the easiest thing to use. I’ve inserted screenshots of my config. Keep in mind that this is a second router on the other side of the house, and this is connected to my server. (p.s., I have two screens so my screenshots look weird)

Sorry my screenshots wont upload for some reason ill figure that out hold on

If i manage to get it right, you and or anyone else should be able to connect to, but im not sure if it will work wiith the config i have setup. The pics that I have tried to upload wont upload, so im trying to fix that.

Connect to on minecraft? if yes it does not work

Please tell me with router you have, the model of the router so i can help more

and can you join you server?

yes, i can connect to my server, but noone else can. my router is a routerboard 951g 2hnd from microtik. sorry for late reply I was out flying drones with my dad

im on my server with my sister right now as a matter of fact. were both on the same network

Ok, every router has a web ui interface, can you acces yours? if not them
Google how to acces it

then there you will find a “port forwarding” tab. from there select ipv4. Then You need to enter the ip adress from your server. Its the same one that you enter the MineOS web-ui. (https//192.xxx.x.x:8334) the ip addres is the: 192.xxx.x.x

Select the TCP port option and enter the port 25565 and then select UDP and enter 25565

Then you are done. Thats the only thing i can tell you, i dont have your router, every router is diffrend (mine too)

With Portfordwarding i recommend you asking on the forum of the company that made the router.

i can access it. it is , and i will try that rq hold on

i dont have a port forward option in my router settings, but i have a firewall and i can make changes to that. just added what u did and applyed it. Try connecting again, maybe it will work

please respond if you manage to connect

Nope, i cant connect. Firewall has not really anythink to do with port forwarding. I really cant help when i dont have the same router. I recommend you asking on the forum of the company that made the router.

ok! Thanks for your help though!

Hey Max,
Just having a quick read through this forum. Pretty sure you IP wont connect to the web as this is a router IP. What you really need is a Static IP address. This is given to you by your internet provider. Now depending on who you go through will depend on the cost. Some give it out for free, others you have to pay for it.

You can google you ip address now and give that to your friends to see if that will work, but if it is not static, it will change every day. Google “my IP” and try to connect using that number as a start.

Hey, to connect to the web-ui you need to use the ip schown on screen when you install mineos. Also it schows the ip to join the server.


The IP-address series 192.168.. is a LAN only address. You cannot connect from the internet directly to those addresses. The 10...* and 172.16.. series are the same (LAN only). To allow your computer to use LAN only addresses behind (on the inside of) a firewall/Gateway,Switch, router, or modem something called NAT (Network Address Translation) is used. This basically do tell the internet that “This computer on an internal network asked for this server. Please connect it”.

Your problem with NAT is that it only work one way (usually), from your internal network to the Internet.

Now, internet is mostly built up by an old address system called IPv4. IPv4 is the network using the .***.***. (f.ex: style addresses. The problem with this system is that there is to few addresses available, so if every item that can connect to a network should have a unique IP-address, there simply is not enough addresses.

To remedy this they did this: :

  1. the three series of addresses I mentioned above where reserved for LAN only (private network) addresses.
  2. a system was made to translate from a Private network (LAN) to a public address (the Internet), so that an entire network could share a single IP address. This meant that you could have hundreds of computer with separate LAN addresses using only one Internet Address. They called this NAT.
  3. they also developed the next generation IP-system: IPv6. IPv6 uses a different addressing system, and has far far far more addresses available.

As I said, you r problem is that NAT only works for you from your computer (and minecraft server) and out to the internet, not the other way around( from the internet and to your computer / server). This is because NAT only set up temporary connections. To allow outside traffic in you need (as you have started doing) to set up port forwarding. Then you tell your internet router that “anything that connects from the internet at this port, shall be forwarded to this address on the inside”.

What is the conclusion here?

  1. Your servers LAN address is not available on the internet.
  2. you have to tell your internet router to forward connections to your servers LAN address
  3. your friends (or you if you are outside your LAN) need to connect to your internet address, so that your internet router can forward the connection to your server

Soo… How do you find your internet address?
This site will tell you: https://www.whatismyip.com/

The IP-address given in the box “Your IP Address Is” is the address your friends have to use (or you if you are not home).

Thank you for the advice! I have just switched my router out for a network switch, but this switch is only lan. Can People outside my network connect with the IP of since this is no longer a router, but can be configured with one?