Port Forwarding Issues


What did I say about the 10...* series above?

The simple answer is : NO


I understand this, but my mineOS server is on an entirely different system, connected to the same network VIA network switch, but this network switch is connected to the poe port on my router, so its kind of confusing, and I dont know what to connect to what. Keep in mind as well, I am 13 and this is sort of new to me.


P.S., this is my IP 2601:6c0:c200:c1aa:ad21:72b2:fa98:5303 and it wont let me connect because it comes up with an Io. Netty error


I remeber your age (my nephew is about the same age). I doesn’t change my answer: NO.

Any address reserved for LAN (10., 172.016.. or 192.168..*) will never give your friends access to your server over the internet.

give them the ip- adress given if you google “what is my IP”



Seems like you’re making it very complicated here. You have 90% of the setup done. Both Myself and iMelson are telling you much the same thing.

  1. Go to google and ask “My IP”. it will show you your INTERNET IP address
  2. Test this IP address by opening your game and using this ip address suffixed with ’ :25565 ’ and see if your server opens up.
  3. if it does, then give that ip address to your friends because THAT is the ip address they need.
  4. If it doesnt, then you need to look at your port forwarding again to make sure port 25565 is open in your router and pointing to your LAN address found in the mineOS screen you mentioned earlier.


2601:6c0:c200:c1aa:ad21:72b2:fa98:5303 i dont have a router configured as of right now. I have a microtik and it is EXTREMELY hard to do anything with it. My screenshots wont upload and Ive been trying to show you guys this the entire time. I really dont know how to port forward this friggin thing, and its driving me nuts.


Is this really what google told you your IP was? Because 100% of the time I do this, it gives me my IPv4 address even though I have an IPv6, too. have you tried what is my ip?, which was also recommended earlier?

Well, port forwarding happens at the router, so this is still the hurdle that needs to be jumped. Is it extremely hard to do anything with? Or is it not possible to do anything with it?

Use imgur. Free service, uploads your image, gives you a URL you can paste here.


These are the screenshots, yes that is the ip It gave me through my network switch, (it tends to give me my ipv4 adress through my router) and Ok ill plug my server back into my router


I feel like now you’ve been told about 5 times that you’re not supposed to get the IP from your switch…you’re supposed to get it from google, or some other site like whatismyip.com?

If you’re unable or unwilling to do this, understand there’s not much else we can do to push this along and get it working for you.


We’ve had one earlier posting about someone having and Internet Service Provider that only seemed to give out IPv6 adresses, and thus threw a lot of the standard web pages showing IP off.

Try this one: http://whatip.me/
It cheks both your IPv4 and your IPv6 address.

Minecraft need your EXTERNAL IPv4 address to be able to understand EXTERNAL users. This means ANY user you want to play on your server, that is not on the SAME LOCAL NETWORK (the one inside your house) as you need to connect to the EXTERNAL IPv4.

For exampel:
My home LAN uses the 192.168.2.* IP address pool. This means my MineOS server runs internally on This address is not available for my gamers, since they live elsewhere. They have to use my external adress, the one my gateway (the piece of hardware that connects my LAN with the Internet):
(all wmy servers use whitelisting, and my address isn’t hard to find, since I also run some other servers;D)