Pocketmine install

How do I install pocketmine?

I am sorry to say that Pocketmine do not yet support the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) for pads, phones and windows10.

Since MCPE was updated to version 1.0, and now recently to 1.0.2, The developers of Pocketmine has worked to update, but they are not yet done. The same goes for Genisys and Clearsky (two other Pocketmine server-types, but both based on pocketmine).

I would not reccomend installing Pocketmine at this time.

Should you, how ever, choose to install anyhow:
There is no MineOS profile supporting cuting edge pocketmine servers. This means installing pocketmine is done manually using SSH and shell. Here is a writeup on how: Update a MC Pocket Edtiion (AKA pocketmine) server after latest Mojang update

Here is links to the latest test version of pocketmine:
Clearsky: http://robskebueba.no-ip.biz/CSPhar.php?type=1&branch=master
Pocketmine: https://jenkins.pmmp.io/ (offline right now)

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Okay, thanks. And pocketmine is run by a new team btw. The new website is www.pmmp.io

Thanks, guys, for being my eyes and ears on what’s going on with Pocketmine dev. If their development is far enough that I can get good, cleanly structured URLs from some downloadable source (JSON, xml, etc.), I can definitely work it out to be a profile in the webui.

I might just mark them as dev rather than release and it should be a-ok.

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I know. The link I gave you is directly to that teams official and recent jenkins release platform. Ihave some nephews and nieces that ar bugging my brains out for an update;D