Modpacks not being added

I’m running MineOS on a VM (ESXI). I’ve burned it down and rebuilt a few times to see if I can remove this issue I’m having, but basically with 1.10.2 modpacks (at least with DW20 and ftb Infinite lite) aren’t added to server. The game plays like vanilla (seed drops only drop vanilla seeds, ores don’t exist, etc), and using WinSCP to look into the directory and no modpack files exist in folders (DW20 doesn’t even have a mods folder).
Is anyone else seeing this issue? Any suggestions to try?

This is a FTB issue, not a MineOS Issue: See the FTB forums( for help. They allready have a forum thread for this :

Created post on those forums, and have pulled latest DW20 server download and pushed files from that to the live server.

Also what runnable jar profile should I have on that? I only see buildtools.jar and craftbucket. Is something else supposed to come up as a selectable option?

Buildtools.jar and craftbukkit are a different server type from FTB / Forge type servers.

FTB / Forge are modded servers (suports mods)

Craftbukkit / Spigot is a reworked vanilla server that suports plugins.

A mod changes parts of the server to do old thing sin new ways or adds functionality by adding and changing the server.jar.

A plugin do not change the server jar it self, but adds functionality throug a plugin API

So if you want to use DW20 and mods, wich is a forge type server with mods, you need to follow this method: Install FTB Infinity 1.7 server for noobs (infinity 1.7 is another modpack, but the install method is the same for DW 20).

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Worked like a charm, did a fresh install of everything to reduce complications and its working so far. Thanks for the help!