MineOS With Fabric 1.18.2

Does anyone have a super simple noob version of instructions for installing Fabric 1.18.2 onto the server. I thought I had it but it will not let anyone connect. I have searched but can not seem to find any straight forward directions that I can wrap my head around.

Fabric on mineos? has pretty good info if you have not read it and might want to look at.

Find the base level directory of the server that you want fabric in and cd into it…eg

So run the following commands in the command line

cd /var/games/servers/minecraft/thisserver

curl -OJ https://meta.fabricmc.net/v2/versions/loader/1.19.2/0.14.9/0.11.0/server/jar

Tailor the curl command to your needs after /loader

Thank you for the response. I just reloaded the software when I saw your post and something just clicked. I was able to install 3 different servers and they all work. Now I just have to try to understand how and when to use the data packs / resource packs or if I even can use them.