Fabric on mineos?

Is there any plan to include fabric profiles for mineos in the future, or does someone have installation instructions?

I previously tried following the instructions on the Fabric site and had no luck, and when I tried to follow up on the Fabric discord, I was basically told no one uses mineos or knew how to make it run there.

Sorry, I don’t have examples of the errors I was receiving, it was several months back, I’m just now starting up a Vanilla 1.15 server, and would like to install an inventory sorting mod.

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As far as i can see the server version is installed much the same way as FTB style servers. So you should be able to install it. The setup they describe in their instructions is for a standalone server, not for a server administered by MineOS (or any other Minecraft server admin tool).

It has a few prerequisites:

  1. a vanilla server jar
  2. the installer jar from Fabric

How to install:

  1. in MineOS: create new server
  2. in MineOS: use profile: mojang 1.15
  3. in MineOS: press button “copy server files”

do not start server (not needed now)

  1. in any sFTP program: manually copy fabric server installer into the created server directory
  2. in SSH: use command “cp minecraft_server.[version].jar server.jar” (without quotation marks)
  3. in SSH: run “java -jar fabric-installer-[version number].jar server” (without quotation marks)

Wait untill done

  1. in MineOS: in jar dropdown menu: chose server jar: “fabric-server-launch.jar”
  2. in MineOS: press button “accept EULA” and select “start”

This should do it, but the server need to do some stuff on first start, so be patient.
As always: You may need to stop server again to edit settings files to mach your needs.


As for adding it as a profile:
They seem to either use a jenkins download page https://jenkins.modmuss50.me/job/FabricMC/job/fabric-installer/job/master/) or a buttonbased page (https://fabricmc.net/use/).

@Hexparrot can answer best for feasibility of making a profile, but as it’s not a list of releases it can easily harvest, I guess it is not currently easily done


That was exactly what I needed, thank you very much! The server is currently up and running, and I’m connected!

Thanks again, I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be able to sort inventories!


Thanks it works! But does anyone know a good list of server side optimization tools/ steps for fabric?

Hi I just started using Mineos to set up a Minecraft server for my friends. I would like to install the Fabric server client on Mineos and I read this forum but when I type these commands on the SSH (putty):
“cp minecraft_server.[1.17].jar server.jar” (I didn’t put quotations)
it replies “cp: cannot stat ‘minecraft_server.[1.17].jar’: No such file or directory”
then I try the other command to see if it worked:
“java -jar fabric-installer-[0.7.4].jar server”
and it replies:
“cp: cannot stat ‘minecraft_server.[0.7.4].jar’: No such file or directory”
Are the numbers the correct inputs? What should I do?
I’m trying to install Fabric so I can install the lithium mod, and Hydrogen mod to improve my server performance since it is the bare minimum spec to run a Minecraft server. Please help me and thank you in advance.

Drop the square brackets. They are there to signify a variable you have to change out

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Hi there,

So I followed the steps and everything copied over but when I try to run it the server will just fail when it says fabric is preparing JARs on first launch. I am using Mojang 1.16.5 as the profile and followed the steps as listed above. I made sure to set the Java settings to the fabric-server-launcher.jar as well and have made sure the server has 4 GB of ram available to it. Is there something I am missing?

I do see in the latest.log “Incomplete remapped file found! This means that the remapping process failed on the previous launch. If this persists, make sure to let us at Fabric know!”

I am going to try it with an older version of fabric as I am using fabric-installer-0.7.4 and getting this error

Could you make a more detailed version of this? I have tried but can not figure out how to do it.

What happened, or where did it fail? What where your error messages?

My post above is really each step you need to take (just remember to drop the square brackets ( [ ] ): where you need to insert the corret version to match the correct filenames.
Fabric on mineos? - #2 by iMelsom

I tried to install the .JAR with the sFTP client, but I could not connect to my server.

And what happends when you try to connect or transfer ? What sftp client do you use? I recoomend https://filezilla-project.org/, as it is easier and more intuitive.

Hello I seem to be getting almost the same issues as VincedoubleO was getting. I’ve used FileZilla to put the installer in the directory, however, when I put in “cp minecraft_server.1.17.1.jar server.jar” it come up with “cp: cannot stat ‘minecraft_server.1.17.1.jar’: No such file or directory” and with I try “java -jar fabric-installer-0.8.2.jar server” it gives me “Error: Unable to access jarfile fabric-installer-0.8.2.jar”. I have tried running these from both root and mc and while both directly on the computer and while using SSH. Even though these aren’t working the .jar still appears under the runnable jar selector in MineOS. However, when I select fabric it will not start the server. I accept the EULA and everything but when I click start it does nothing. I thought it might just be taking a bit to start up but I let it sit and it seems like it just doesn’t want to start. If you have any thoughts let me know because I cannot seem to figure it out.