MineOS server refuses to start

Every time I click on the start button on the WebGUI, nothing happens, but if I spam click for 10 seconds, it turns on for like 5 seconds, then turns right back off. Someone pls help me :upside_down_face:

  • check your log
  • make sure you have the right java

you should be able to find information for both of these on this forum just search for it.

The log tab in the WebGUI doesn’t show up, I’ve reinstalled java like 5 times, and I’ve looked through literally all of the posts on the topic.

Also, I’m a complete noob to this, so I don’t know what anything means

Read this it tells you how to check logs when i mentioned logs i meant the mineos logs not the game log sorry my bad.

You probably just have the wrong java what minecraft version is the server?

You were right, I had Java 16 instead of 17. Thanks for the help!

:slight_smile: its pretty common when the server does not start that its going to be the wrong java not always the case but usually the first place to look. There is not really anywhere that informs people of this issue there needs to be a sticky about here on the forum or a mention of it on the wiki because its a problem that comes up quite a lot.