MineOS FREENAS Sky Factory 4

I am trying to import a skyfactory server to FreeNas and am completely lost. I am new to FreeNas and not great with Linux in general.

Any down and dirty step by step instruction would be very appreciated.

Right now I am trying to get the skyfactory server zip file onto the nas and into the right directory and have no clue how to get it there.

Well do you plan to do other things with your server box like adding a plex server?

If not then I can’t suggest using FreeNAS as your first linux os. I would try out either Ubuntu or Lubuntu desktop versions to learn how to use linux.

What kind of machine are you using? Is it a prebuild system, laptop or did you build your own system?

Also if possible, do watch this video for an introduction to linux. It is an hour long and it goes in-depth of what linux is and how to use it. https://youtu.be/YdtfuAJUce4?t=182

Also give this a read too: Basic skills and interests you'll need to be a MineOS admin

I am using it for a plex server, and was able to accomplish what I needed to do with mine-os.

Those to guides were very helpful. I went from there and found some more guides and resources to be able to run in the shells of Nas and the JAIL and was able to get a server imported.

This definitely has a learning curve but its been fun.


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Good to hear. Good luck with everything and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!