MineOS Bedrock Interim Solution

Hello all. I have a working Bedrock Server on MineOS which is quite usable from the UI and provides interactive console access, etc. as you might expect.

You can achieve this by a minor patch (I’ll put a PR into mineos-node too) and one simple CLI action.
I can’t promise whatsoever to offer support - however we’ve been playing Bedrock via MineOS happily for a few days over server restarts, etc.

Please have a look at: GitHub - tucks/mineos-bedrock-wrapper

This works with 1.17.10 and should be good for any future version.

Comments appreciated.

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Definitely going to try this out. Thanks for posting it. Can you tell me if this allows Java + Bedrock clients to play on the same server?

Not OP, but I believe Java clients cannot join a Bedrock server. However, you can make it so Bedrock clients can join a Java server via Geyser. I have successfully had Bedrock users join my Java server with Geyser and Floodgate on MineOS.

Thanks very much for the response. I will look into your link. I am not familiar with Geyser or Floodgate. Any suggestions on how to implement would be appreciated.


I have some time (woah!)
This mod allows you to host bedrock servers in addition to java servers on mineos-node.
As per @SolarRadiation 's post, there are methods of allowing players of either type to join alternative type servers - but this is a different use case.

I am in the process of updating the PR to have the functionality merged into the main release (when hexparrot also has some PR time).

Hi, Tucks;

Where is the Mineosbedrockwrapper profile located?


Hey wade. You’ll need the PR in branch profile for minecraft bedrock wrapper by tucks · Pull Request #432 · hexparrot/mineos-node · GitHub

Alternatively, you can pull down the jarfile from here mineos-bedrock-wrapper/download/latest at master · tucks/mineos-bedrock-wrapper · GitHub and manually configure a unconventional server and put the jar anda n unpacked bedrock server in there and fire it up.