Java setting issue

For unknown reasons I don’t see any runnable Jar files at all on 2 of my server. I have tried different browsers to see if it was a browser glitch but it continues to happen. I tried chrome and brave and brave seems to make it show up more times then not but for both server it doesn’t show up. Link to me showing what is going on. Any help will be welcomed.

Hey, sorry for the delayed response. Can you give me a little information:

  1. have you updated the webui to the latest commit?
  2. can you provide /var/log/mineos.log (here, pastebin, or email me if you prefer)
  3. what distro are you using?

Are you looking at the code for the .jar file?
I have, accidentally, open/expanded a jar file when I first started and got confused. Later I discovered that my browsers needed to download the link as “save target as” instead.

I found a way to get them to display by creating a Restore Points.