Installing FoolCraft(modpack) in mineos

hello guys so i tried running a foolcraft server in mineos today and it was kinda messy (there is no custom profile in the nodes.js version)
so for this reason i feel like i had some errors and …
anyway any of you have some experience with mineos can help me with this? im trying to install foolcraft but its not on the list so…

Many times, any packs released through curseforge cannot be implemented in MineOS because they have measures in place to protect from using it outside the curse client:

Here’s the curseforge page for FoolCraft.

Here’s the file list inside the pack you download.

I’ll be frank; I have no idea what these files are–they are not, in any way that I understand–a collection of files that Java would use to run a server. If I had to guess, it means that the curse client knows how to use these files to construct the server you’d expect by downloading assets, in addition to these, elsewhere.

Since I have no experience with the curse client (and how it appears they don’t want people doing this on their own, outside the client), I think the correct conclusion is: Foolcraft cannot be constructed on MineOS by their own design.

yeah well i kinda figured that out , its kinda sad but i did run the server like a standalone server without mineos
thanks for the support tho

There seems it may be possible (with a ton of work, and a jungle of lurking problems and pitfalls, and hours of fault seeking and debugging) to get a non curse version working:

This is so far on the side of MineOS that I would venture out and say that MineOS do not support it, even though you could get a set of server files working that MineOS would accept through hard work and lots of experimenting.

To say it bluntly: Most of in here would not be able to help you with this, but there exists forums ont he internet that may be of some help if you find them, and devote a few hours of forum reading to lear from other peoples trials and errors.

Some leads:

Possible google search to help you (or at least tip you in the right direction of what yo search for)…
“how to install foolcraft server without curse”

I am a vanilla, pocketmine and bukkit user, so I cannot help you any more than this, as I have little or no experience working with modded servers.

Care to share the steps required to run the server without the use of the Forge launcher, etc.?

well what i did was really simple , i just downloaded the server files from curse site and extracted it
after installing java , i’ve noticed there is only start.bat file so i changed it to and changed the file a little bit
mine is something like this =
java -server -Xms128M -Xmx3844M -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalPacing -XX:+CMSClassUnloadingEnabled -XX:ParallelGCThreads=2 -XX:MinHeapFreeRatio=5 -XX:MaxHeapFreeRatio=10 -jar forge-1.10.2- nogui

anyway after saving this as i just run it with ./
its not the best thing to do but it works , (i use screen so i dont close the server after disconnecting from console)
i hope this was clear as english is not my first language .

hi Reza_Smith,

would you prefer this modpack to work on MineOS, or are you good?



well i mean i was actually able to run foolcraft on mineos with some customizing but there were some errors in console (server ) so i just gave up.
but yeah i would prefer mineos for sure , but i can live without it as well .

hi Reza_Smith,

already tinkering on it. what launchers are you using? if i get it working, i am using team extreem and titan launchers. meaning i could confirm them working.

the intent would be to have a stand alone.

unless you would prefer curseforge, then i would go with what you have made already.

no problem, i will continue either way.




server is working with no issues.

titan launcher is having issues so it is taking longer to fix.

i forgot i was not using team extreem launcher for mc 1.10.2, only for 1.7.10.

i’m not sure how big it will al be yet, but i will u/l it all for anyone who would like to try FoolsCraft 1.3.3.

that is, if i do get it all working, lol.

best regards,


EDIT: ok so it is all working together now so just a few more details then make an archive and u/l package. on the client side i had to increase the java heap to 3gb, now giving 4gb so quite the memory hog. my older laptop would not load it.

Is using the launcher a required step? Or is it just to ensure that the end result is feasible?

i’m sorry sir hexparrot, my terminology stinks.

i meant client. the titan client is what i have been using for 1.10.2 servers. i have never used a curse client or whatever they call it.

so the objective was to get this foolscraft server on mineos with titan client for private use as opposed to fc server on linux with curse client, i guess.

the u/l is taking longer than it took to get running.

best regards,


edit: forgot to mention, yes the client needs to mirror the server in config and mods to work… if that is the question?

edit 2: also forgot to mention this hideous custom client start page they made. it’s included.

The question I think is mostly: is it possible to construct the modpack, e.g., Foolcraft, entirely from command line without having to download any executables? (scripts are okay, because they’re integrate-able)

eeew, again my apologizes. i am mostly command line allergic so i don’t know. do you call a .jar file an executable? i do, by java so to exclude executables is kind of hard.

but yes, all you would need is compatible mods (don’t conflict with each other) placed anyplace you could then d/l via command line.

all it would require is a host, much like you have for your mineos updates.

the command would require they d/l into the mods folder and before you could do that you would need to d/l the correct version of forge’s installer, run it then d/l the mods to the mod folder. either one by one, or in one large self extracting .zip file, for example.

there would be more to get it right, i suspect.

hope that helps,


edit: this u/l is taking so long, it would be simpler to explain step by step what i did to make it run, lol. another 3 hour estimated before it is done, by then i might need a nap.

Jarfiles aren’t actually executables (they are in fact just slightly modified ZIP files), but what I mean by executables is I don’t have to download someforgelauncher.jar that requires a desktop and GUI and then execute that with Java.

Here’s the bottom line: the only way MineOS can do something like construct a modpack like FoolCraft is if I’m limited to only commands I can do with a command-line prompt (that’s all MineOS can do).

Of course, MineOS can technically download some sort of launcher file (i.e., executable, whatever), but then that starts putting into concerns questions about End User License Agreements (EULAs) and additional complexity into coding.

Right now, almost every single MineOS profile is simply: “download a single file, such as a jar, or a zip/tgz and extract”.

The only exception is the widely used bukkit business, which will actually download, extract, compile…all steps that can be 100% doable and scriptable from a command-line.

It’s not very compelling to write up a whole new workflow for FoolCraft (or other Forge-based modpacks) if I have to download the config (all those .cfg files), and then some other program to parse those configs and download the actual server files; that’s because that other program is suddenly something I’ll have to actively watch over to see it still works.

That other program might not be Java based–and then I have functionality that fails on all the FreeBSD installs. Or it might be something else–any problems reflect poorly on MineOS. Keep in mind: I want functionality like this included: but it cannot come at a cost of MineOS working universally somewhere, or force weird workflows on the backend.

So TL;DR: 1) must be doable entirely through command line and 2) must not depend on “launchers” or “modpack compilers” or any other programs that have to be downloaded and executed (but jarfiles are okay).

i saw where you were headed and have thought it through for you already.

short answer, no. you can not do that. you are correct as you indicated to the constraints.

here is how you do it.

use the archive function. guys like me u/l our mineos server archives to a central reliable server that can be d/l and utilized by ONLY the mineos community. because we are the only ones who could utilise the archives.

i believe it can be done the same way as the “profile” are done.

this would truly “round out” what this community could be. front end and back end. but not intended for commercial or profit.

mostly, mod creators have no problem with their mods being included into mod packs as long as they are credited. that settles how the modded server is built.

then all someone needs is a client that matches the different servers that we all have built.

answered in next post in a few minutes.


by definition any client that is not run through microsoft? since they bought mojang? and is not the official client, is cracked.

so you do not want to supply clients.

but tutorials and pointers as to where they may be located are not a problem in my view. others may differ.

there are tons of customized clients that pay mc server operators make money from. not from me though, i did not want my kids playing there. that is how i met you, looking for any alternative. but my girls were not satisfied because mods are what actually makes mc great, in their opinion.

bottom line imho, is to provide a way to build a modded a mc server avoids legal issues. but providing the client to actually play the thing, might.

providing info on where to locate the info on how to play the thing is free speech so should not be prohibited.

i am not a lawyer so to be investigated independently. but if able to move in this direction would be fantastic.

i have servers with over 200 compatible mods, some with much less, all with their own personality and charm. you should see my “broville” mineos server! a work of art. google it up and check that out.

very best regards,


By no means am I interested in that area, clients–much less cracked clients. I’m referring to strictly to anything I would download to construct a server pack, such as FoolCraft.

I’m also not concerned about mod creators and their credit.

If somebody came up to me and said “Here are the steps you can use COMMAND LINE ONLY to get foolcraft running on Ubuntu 14.04 server” that would be ideal.

But it appears that there is way too much convolution in these steps for it to be further explored. Somewhere down the line I expect Foolcraft to be reducible to “a jar file java runs and a bunch of other files”. How do I get there with command line only? It seems like it’s way too much work to worry about.

Edit: by ‘launcher’ or any other thing remotely referring to executables, I’m referring to things like Twitch App that Curseforge tells you to download in order to download mod packs. Not command line == Not useful.

another way to think about it is how you treat building feed the beast servers. build your servers the same way except by using the archives we u/l to build the mineos servers.

then let us take care of the clients. how ftb takes care of the issue with all of the different flavors they provide using one client for all of them is by d/l everything required by the client every single time. this is not for us me thinks, very resource intensive.

so what we minos users would have to dois configure our own cracked launchers to match each of the different servers we wanted to try. that is not hard.

the hardest part is actually figuring out what mods are server side only and what mods are client side only. but even that is not too hard.

i may not be able to explain myself on this topic as it would be a bit more than what i am saying here. but i do think it is doable.

good luck!


oh. oh well.

yes, correct.

the foolscraft sever files have to be hosted someplace permanently to be d/l via command line. then you could just add it to the profiles page.

you would think not a problem since we all are running servers around here, lol.

i may be able to in future. some time away tho. keep it in mind.

best regards,