I can't got to my server ip as it says site can't reach

I have installed the turnkey os of mineos and after install it doesn’t show me the web UI my ip is
But I us not working please help me

We do not have much information to go one to help you here, other than you stating that it doesn’t work, and listing your a LAN IPadress.

  • How are you trying to connect to your MineOS Web UI?

  • Is the IP adress from your computer you try to connect from, or your server?
    They need to be different!

  • Is the computer you are trying to connect from on the same network segment?
    (do they have a similar IP-adress, the first three number series should be 10.0.2 on both client and server, since that is what the IP-adress you listed starts with).

  • Are all needed firewall openings open? On both client and server?

  • Logs?
    What do your logs say? You need to look at the system log and the mineos log.

  • Is the MineOS service actually running?
    You can check with the command “sudo supervisorctl status mineos” in an ssh session or directly on the server shell

Remember that we do not know you local network config. By default MineOS should “Simply work” if they are on the same LAN. (Barring other problems, like the pasword encrytion problem: Solution to unable to login to WebUI)

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