How to i install a mod pack

How do install say Attack of the bteam to a server

Hey there, let me guide you through it.

So in the terminal of your linux write:
cd /var/games/minecraft/import
wget “

Notice that if you downloaded it as root you also have to write:
chmod a+rwx $(ls)

You can change this to whatever server modpack you want just get the download link for it’s zip. I mean like go to your web browser in your pc and search up for it on google click that you want to download it but pause/cancel it when it starts then go to your downloads tab in your browser and right-click on that file and "copy-link address"

When it finished go to your webui and to the import tab and create a server based on the correct zip file (just click on it in the webui and it guides you trough).
When it has finished go back to your terminal and write:

cd /var/games/minecraft/servers/*the name you gave the server*
chmod a+rwx $(ls)

After this go back to your webui and select the forge.*.*.*.*.jar for your startup and give them enough memory to run (it will stop at the first few runs because you did not define port/ip or you did not accep eula so do not worry).

i just transferred the files directly and told it to run the server jar that came with the download. thank you.
But i do have one other issue which is quite weird. everything works but if i place a modded block it either gets deleted out of my inv or turns into the classic minecraft block. i cannot figure out why.