How to emulate installing MineOS node.js from a disk on VirtualBox

Please note I am currently a complete novice when it comes to these things :stuck_out_tongue:

I have only installed MineOS once, at that is on an old PC. I did it with an ISO (I think) on a disk, and booted the computer straight into the set-up part. Now I want to help test out MineOS node, and this is the only way I can foresee myself installing the software. Not having another old PC lying around, I am using Oracle VirtualBox (again I know nothing about VirtualBox).

How would I emulate this same install process this time around?

I would install all the features he says to disable. In my guide i downloaded and installed the server version but you could use the desktop version instead if you wanted.

  1. select new on vbox program
  2. name and choose os (whatever name and debian 64bit)
  3. note if you can’t select 64bit option you have to enable certain options via the BIOS to get that option.
  4. choose RAM amount depending on your machine
  5. choose hard disk size, this depends on how many plugins, texture packs, and if you are going to use dynmap or not.
  6. probably dynamically allocated.

your vm is now done.

go to settings–> storage–> click on the empty top option right below controller IDE select install to hard disk
to make it easier for connections on the internal network I went to network and on the pull down menu where it says NAT I selected bridged adapter instead.

find your ubuntu 14.04 ISO and select. click ok and ok again.
click on the start button.

This process is a guided install shouldn’t really need me explaining it. there are many guides already out there.

After you’ve done this the node.js developer has instructions for installing it on his website.

I can’t find a download for the node.js (not the regular one) ISO?

sorry i read that post wrong. why would you need a node.js download?

Because I volunteered to test it. Thanks for your help anyways :smiley:

you would still install this ISO and then put the node.js interface on top of it to where it would need to go so you have the new interface that he made. unless i’ve comepletely gone bonkers. lol

ok nvm, i read again the install for the nodejs stuff. i’m installing it now so i can come up with better instructions.

Ok, i updated the instructions, not much changed.

Thanks! Although without an ISO, I guess I really can’t do this the way I wanted. I’m going through the installation now.

Once Ubuntu is installed follow my instructions for how to install on Ubuntu which will install nodejs and everything else you need to start using mineos node