How to edit config.yml

how do i edit the config.yml file for bungeecord?

For arbitrary files, use a terminal session to locate the file and edit with something like nano:

cd /var/games/minecraft/servers
cd myservername
nano config.yml

Hi Guys,

used the Webinterface to controll a MineOS VM on a Server. I did setup a few Worlds yet i am not about to change any settings for the BungeeCord Worlds.
I cant enter any commands in the proxy.log. Could you specify how i can edit the config.yml for bungeecord useing the WebInterface?


If you are referring to the Log/Web interface, then that is only available to pass Minecraft commands to the server world. For example: to give a player a block, or to transport them to a coordinates set.

If you need to change the files that run MineOS, then it has to be external from the Webui. I use PuTTY and use nano proxy.log, or you can get the file using FileZilla, modify it in a TXT editor (notepad, notepad++), then upload it again.

Hi fornax,

well i dont actually know how to discripe it properly… unfortunately i am not allowed to post any pictures so all i can do is this link:

Here you can see the webinterface and the config.yml from a Server but i am unable to edit the file. If i mouseover, my mouse turns into a red Nope-Sign.

Soo what do i do wrong? :smiley:


Ok, found the answer, its not possible: