How to do everything basically

I am very new to mine os and have not much experience with programming. I am currently trying to set up a modded server. with the new minecraft updates i believe I have to install java 17 and have no idea how to do that. i also have no idea how to upload the modpack. Thanks in advance

First thing you can do is to read throught the following post, and use the links there

Next thing to do is to use this forums search function. There are several writups in earlier posts on both installing and updating java, and setting up different types of modded servers.

If you are new to linux and MineOS I would reccomend using a vanilla unmodded server until you get some experience with running minecraft servers, running MineOS, and using Linux. Modded servers can be temperemental, so you need to be able to do wuite a lot of things manually in Linux. You need to like, and be proficient in, tinkering in Linux shell to set up a good modded server

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