How to copy files from USB into Turnkey?

I’m running MineOS turnkey on a laptop (it’s own system), and I’m trying to copy a world file from the USB into /var/games/minecraft/import.

Everywhere I seem to look it tells me to use Nautilus or a desktop file manager but since there’s no desktop environment that’s impossible.

You can use any computer (like the one you play minecraft from) and a ftp-klient that supports sftp (like filezilla: to transfer the file.

Other than that you need to google “mount USB drive”…

Solid idea on the ftp client, and I got the mounting down for some reason I just find it impossible to copy the files.

hi ruSty,

sorry to interrupt, i have a few ideas you may like.

first i am not at my server so from memory (may be wrong), /var/games/minecraft/import requires “root” to access.

as such if you sftp logged on as mc you will be unable to copy the fies over. there are specific reasons for this and it is recommended that “root” is not used as a matter of routine. root can be used, must be enabled for sftp as it is disabled in MineOS by default and used with the knowledge you may “brick” your minecraft. your hardware will be ok, just rebuild your mc server if that happens. not hard just troublesome.

let us move away from that for a moment and solve your issue a different way. first note that the data on the client side holds most player data. that means if you did use the world data on your server from your friends server and original players accessed it, all their data would be intact, using most data client side.

so all you have to do is import the world folder. iMelsom offers one way.

another way is to use the sftp client logged on as “mc” (or the user name you created) to copy the world files over. that’s it. done.

notes: do not do this to a server you have not backed up as it will be overwritten. you may make more than one minecraft server on a server (running more than one at the same time is a hardware issue), so you may wish to create a new server to import this ‘world’ folder to. it would be best to create it with the same perameters as the original. so if your friend used mc 1.7.10, use that and whatever version of forge he used if it is modded and the exact same mods he used. (if not it is still ok as the stuff created with a mod that you don’t use will be removed, you don’t even need to use forge but everything it created will be removed and some conflicts may be generated).

create the server, start it and a world folder will be created. stop the server, then log on with sftp. then copy/replace the world folder. then get it running, ifit is a forge server some issues may arise.

lets solve them. report back here your logs and/or progress for further advice by everyone here.

best regards and good luck!


Not unless you have done something weird with your rights. The entire /var/games/minecraft should be owned bythe ms user and group.

hi iMelsom,

i now have access to my server and can confirm, user ‘mc’ CAN sftp copy files to the folder ‘import’ as the owner is root and the group is mc.

i did NOT find this true, however.

only ‘root’ can copy files to archive, backup, profiles and servers as the owner is root and the group is root.

i have tested this to be true on 3 separate mc servers.

i also failed to use the MineOS import function to import a world folder from the import folder to an existing server or create a new server with it.

please educate me as to how this is successfully accomplished.

thanks and regards,


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No, you do not; any standard user can access and make changes within this directory, especially since it would be completely illogical to require use of the root account to access/modify contents of the directory, yet block servers from being started, etc from within the web ui; alongside that would being permission problems which would then result in what would appear to be a bug being that the content in the directory would belong to root, meaning no other user could access or make use of any of the files. However, I do believe I recall a time in the past where /var/games/minecraft/import did require root to modify; if it does currently still require root access then that would mean that I sometime back went and modified the permissions of that directory to allow anyone/everyone with an account/username to be able to modify the contents of that directory, which can be done as root with the command chmod -R /var/games/minecraft/import 777 and then you can add or modify files as any standard user.

If you are using commandline (SSH, PuTTY, etc) then you may instead use the command sudo -i to gain root access. But for SFTP as @tNt stated requires root logins to be enabled.

Nope, not at all; the server has and stores all of that data. All clients ever do whenever connected to servers or LAN worlds is create, receive, and process packets (aka networking related stuff) along with the visuals; servers handle all the world data, such as TnT exploding, redstone magic, item drops, block breaking/placing, and even more based on the packets that clients send to the server or LAN world. It is also the reason why people tend to lag more in singleplayer worlds than they do on servers (noticeably on low-end or old hardware, or even sometimes modern hardware) so some people actually have created dedicated servers for themselves specifically to play singleplayer in, on a separate machine so that they’d have a smoother experience (not everyone has thought of this method though)

It would be wiser to first delete the existing world folder from within the server directory, followed by dragging in the new world files/folder for a number of reasons, mainly because of the way Minecraft’s world saving works.

No, you’re able to run multiple if you have the resources to do so, it just depends on what you’re doing and/or the server’s configuration. For example, a system running with 1GB of RAM can safely run two servers with 256M each or 340M each, however you may also squeeze in three at 256M if you’re lucky and/or willing to take the risk of causing a system lockup due to lack of remaining resources if/when you do something else, such as building spigot, possibly creating backups or archives, etc. But, you can also test being that your mileage may vary.

That is correct; the reason behind that would be to prevent the removal/deletion of the archive, profiles, and servers folders within the /var/games/minecraft directory, however any subdirectory of the servers directory are/will be owned by whoever/whichever user created the server. You can however copy files out and/or access the files in the remaining directories.

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