How to connect to MineOS panel from another PC

Hello everyone,
Me and my friend made a new server using MineOS operating system. Now my friend can connect to MineOS control panel from the original PC made but i can’t from home. When i try to connect with his IP and the port it says the connection has timed out. Is there a way to connect to the console without being on the original PC that the server has been made on?

Thanks in advance,

He might’ve gotten the port forwarding wrong or didn’t port forward at all that is my guess

I think he portforwarded everything correctly not sure. Can someone else give me a suggestion on what to do or solve the problem.

If he can connect locally, and you cannot connect remotely it is one of three things:

  1. Faulty or missing port forwarding
  2. Faulty or missing port in MineOS firewall
  3. missing https or :8443 in the URL you are using.

You need to use the URL “https://[your friends external IP adress]:8443”. Please observe the s after http. This is not added automatically, and must be there.

To access the WebUI port 8443 (in addition to the normal Minecraft port) needs to be forwarded in your friends router, since the WebUI uses that port and HTTPS for connections.

For firewall settings, please direct your friend to: